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Therapy & Sensory Processing Disorder Toys, Tools & Products

Our mission is to improve the lives of kids with special needs. We are dedicated to providing only the best disability aids for children at affordable prices every day, and we offer over 1,000 therapeutic, educational and adaptive solutions for children on the autism spectrum – those with Asperger Syndrome, ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder and other learning and behavioral challenges. Our products are designed for parents, educators and therapists, and include special needs toys, learning tools for kids, adapted items and tactile toys for sensory-seeking behavior.

Our special needs toys are bright, functional and engaging and are designed to fit your family's needs. Because of their versatility, many items make great gifts for autistic children as well as those with other developmental disorders, but they are also perfect for any young child practicing fine motor skills, critical thinking and more. Our sensory toys perform a variety of functions, including helping those with sensory integration disorders develop important motor skills through proper organization of sensory information.
At Got-SpecialKids, we strive to provide multi-purposeful products that will help your kids achieve their goals through fun learning. By providing engaging items designed to bring focus, children are able to work hard without feeling pressured, anxious or overwhelmed. From child therapy toys and tools for school to assistive technology products, we are your all-in-one stop for products designed for kids with autism, developmental delays, sensory challenges or other special needs.

About Us

  • We provide our customers with affordable therapeutic products that build skills & boost confidence.