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Hearing Safe Headphones Califone Hearing Safe Headphones - HS40

Adjustable Youth-Sized Ear Muff for children with noise sensitivity.

Our Price:: $7.49
Califone Hearing Safe Hearing Protector- HS50 Califone Hearing Safe Hearing Protector- HS50

Great tool for auditory sensitivity!

Our Price:: $7.99
Hearing Safe Ear Muff Headphones Califone Hearing Safe Ear Muff Headphones - HS60

Hearing Safe Adult Sized Ear Muffs are ideal for for those with auditory sensitivity.

Our Price:: $12.49
ETY Etymotic High-Fidelity Noise Reducing Ear Plugs ETY PLUGS - Etymotic High-Fidelity Noise Reducing Ear Plugs

Turn down the noise and go where you want to go!

Our Price:: $13.89
NoiseOff Headphones NoiseOff Headphones

Block out distractions with NoiseOff!

Our Price:: $13.99
Califone Hush Buddy Earmuff Headphones Califone Hush Buddy Earmuff Headphones

Earmuffs help children with noise sensitivity to be more comfortable in stimulating environments.

Our Price:: $14.94
EMS for Kids Earmuffs EM'S 4 Kids Earmuffs Ems

Noise reduction and hearing protection for little ears!

Our Price:: $24.99
Sale Price: $15.99
Savings: $9.00
Flex-Phones Flex-Phones

Scholastic Teacher's Pick!Flex-Phones are nearly indestructible, made from a single piece of EVA foam! Teachers' Pick!

Our Price:: $17.95
Schoolmate Deluxe Stereo Headphones Schoolmate Deluxe Stereo Headphones

Ideal companion to today's ever growing classroom technology!

Our Price:: $18.99
3Mâ„¢ PELTORâ„¢ Optimeâ„¢ 105 Over-the-Head Earmuff H10A Peltor Ultimate 10 Noise Reduction Earmuff

Adjustable and comfortable noise sensitivity protection for teens and adults!

Our Price:: $19.99
Sennheiser HD500A Sennheiser HD500A Headphones

Enhanced audio without disturbing others

Our Price:: $166.50

Sound sensitivity comes in all shapes and sizes. For children, teens and adults with auditory sensitivities, adverse reactions to sound can result for a variety of reasons, from sudden loud interruptions to perceived noise from normal environmental sounds such as faucet drips.

Sound sensitivities can cause stress that's difficult to manage. Got-SpecialKids understands the benefits of proactive care for those dealing with sensory processing disorders. Our products range from fun games and activities for auditory processing disorders to preventative ASD products like ear buds, headphones and relaxing noises. Everything we carry has been tested for quality and effectiveness, so you're able to shop with confidence.