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Westminster Color Changing Chrystal Lamp Westminster Color Changing Chrystal Lamp

Multi color changing crystal lamp.

Our Price:: $5.50
Senseez Handheld Vibrating Massager Senseez Handheld Vibrating Massager

On The Go Portable Vibrations!

Our Price:: $11.49
Senseez Handheld Sensory Hot/Cold Pack Senseez Handheld Sensory Hot/Cold Pack

Hot & Cold Therapy On The Go!

Our Price:: $11.49
Sleep Sheep Sleep Sheep

Brings 8 soothing sounds to bedtime.

Our Price:: $31.49
Build 'N Balance Set Build 'N Balance Set

Combine parts to make obstacle courses and balance activities!

Starting at: $217.98
Teddy Bear Mat Teddy Bear Mat

Oh, so soft and fuzzy!

Starting at: $94.99
SensaRock - Inflatable Rocker SensaRock - Inflatable Rocker

SensaRock provides calming vestibular input.

Our Price:: $128.99
Fiber Optic Star Ring Fiber Optic Star Ring

A beautiful star ceiling that you can install yourself.

Our Price:: $659.99
Sensory Wall Tube Sensory Wall Tube

Creates a shimmering curtain of safe sparkly fibers!

Starting At: $878.99
Ultraviolet Waterfall Ultraviolet Waterfall

A colorful wall mounted UV waterfall!

Starting At: $618.99
Mirror Panel Mirror Panel

Magnify the effects of any bubble column or any visual stimulation product with the addition of mirror panels.

Our Price:: $349.99
The Lune - Colors for Life The Lune - Colors for Life

Produce a wide spectrum of color for any room. A touch is all it takes!

Our Price:: $151.00
MicroLED 1000/ 4000 LED Illuminator MicroLED 1000/ 4000 LED Illuminator

Simple to operate  light source for fiber optic carpets, star ceiling ring, sensory wall cascade and sensory wall tube.

Starting at: $299.99
Soft Frame Mirror Soft Frame Mirror

Creative play with reflective learning!

Our Price:: $154.00
Tumbl Trak Mat Tumbl Trak Mat

Designed for discovery and soft play.

Starting At: $148.00
Twilight Ladybug Twilight Ladybug

A starry sanctuary that comforts and calms.

Our Price:: $29.99
Sale Price: $22.99
Savings: $7.00
Press N Glo Illuminator Press N Glo Illuminator

Portable visual sensory stimulation

Starting at: $159.95
Sensory Tent Hideaway Sensory Tent Hideaway

A quiet retreat .

Our Price:: $399.99
Got-Special KIDS | Quad Gel Pad Quad Gel Pad

Bright, touch-sensitive gel pads

Our Price:: $28.99
Calming LED Bubble Tube Calming LED Bubble Tube

Create a relaxing environment with hundreds of bubbles that slowly change color.

Our Price:: $1,774.50
Portable LED Bubble Tube Portable LED Bubble Tube

Finally a cost-effective and portable bubble tube!

Our Price:: $995.00
Bubble Tube Corner Bubble Tube Corner

Our most portable bubble column!

Starting At: $3,450.00
Circular LED Fiber Optic Shower Circular LED Fiber Optic Shower

Create a

Starting At: $3,672.00
Got-Special KIDS | Twister Light Twister Light

Light changing twister light!

Our Price:: $12.89
Opti Aura LED Projector Opti Aura LED Projector

Creating your own sensory environment has never been easier with Opti Aura projector.

Our Price:: $295.00
Jellyfish Chair Jellyfish Chair

Strengthen core muscles, improve balance.

Our Price:: $139.95
2 Speed Power Massager 2 Speed Power Massager

Portable and soothing comfort at home, school or work.

Our Price:: $9.99
Good Vibes Waterproof Massager Good Vibes Scalp Massager

Give yourself a relaxing, tingling scalp or body massage!

Our Price:: $9.99
Got-Special KIDS | Power Body Massager with USB Power Body Massager with USB

Handheld portable massager

Our Price:: $9.99
Vibrator Mitt Vibrator Mitt

Soft vibrating massage mitt.

Our Price:: $25.99
Hand-Held Love Bug Massager (Non-Switch) Hand-Held Love Bug Massager (Non-Switch)

Great sensory input tool for calming!

Our Price:: $15.99
Memory Foam Massager Memory Foam Massager

A relaxing, moldable, vibrating foam roll.

Our Price:: $39.99