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Wilbarger Therapressure Brush Wilbarger Therapressure Brush

Oval shaped sensory brush designed for the Wilbarger Protocol.

Our Price:: $3.99
Replacement Bands Steamroller Squeeze Machines Replacement Bands Steamroller Squeeze Machines

Replacement bands for Double Squeeze and Single Squeeze Steamrollers

Our Price:: $4.99
Roller Ball Massager Glove

Roller Ball Massager fits like a glove!

Our Price:: $7.99
Hexagon Gel Lap Pads Hexagon Gel Lap Pads

Enables users to stay seated for longer.

Starting At: $21.95
Semi-Circle Gel Pad - 3 lbs Semi-Circle Gel Pad - 3 lbs

Semi-circle gel pad and fluffy cover.

Starting At: $21.99
Weighted Ball Cap

Our weighted ball cap provides sensory input through the head.

Our Price:: $21.99
Wrist Weights Wrist Weights

Weight bearing and strength building.

Our Price:: $22.98
Gel Weighted Lap Pad Gel Weighted Lap Pad

Calm "wiggles" with deep pressure

Starting At: $24.95
Got-Special KIDS | Quad Gel Pad Quad Gel Pad

Bright, touch-sensitive gel pads

Our Price:: $28.99
Calming Sensory Sack Calming Sensory Sack

Calming deep pressure input.

Starting At: $29.99
Comfy Sensory Body Sack

Our body sack offers plenty of sensory feedback.

Starting At: $36.99
Weighted Snake Puppet

Enhance concentration & calm the wiggles

Starting At: $36.99
Comfort Weighted Lap Pad - 4 lbs Comfort Weighted Lap Pad - 4 lbs

Promote calm without distraction

Our Price:: $39.95
Charlie the Weighted Bulldog

Cuddly Charlie loves to sit on young laps! Charlie comes in 2 sizes - 2 and 5 lbs.

Starting At: $39.95
Weighted Red Bear

Weighted Red Bear provides both calming input and tactile stimulation.

Starting At: $39.99
Miracle Belt Miracle Belt

Promotes self-calming, balance, and body awareness.

Starting at: $49.95
Sensory Body Wrap

Use as a resistance tunnel or sensory sheet!

Our Price:: $51.99
Weighted Panda Pal

Panda Pal is a calming companion and sensory support.

Our Price:: $59.98
Weighted Plush Turtle Weighted Plush Turtle

A weighted turtle that calms little ones craving proprioceptive input.

Our Price:: $59.98
Kids Comfy Compression Vests

Provides deep pressure input.

Our Price:: $59.99
Sensory Pea Pod Calming Station Sensory Pea Pod Calming Station

Velvety cocoon with deep pressure for calming comfort

Starting At: $65.49
Surface Weighted Blankets

Calming input for relaxation and focus!

Our Price:: $79.99
Bear Hug Vest with Optional Weights Bear Hug Vest with Optional Weights

Get a big bear hug with our deep pressure Bear Hug Vest.

Our Price:: $82.99
Comfort Weighted Blanket Comfort Weighted Blanket

Helps provide proprioceptive input

Starting At: $99.95
Co-Oper Blanket Co-Oper Blanket

Explore with others!

Our Price:: $159.00
The Squease Inflatable Vest

Squease is designed for people who have difficulties processing sensory input.

Starting At: $299.00
Snug Vest

Snug Vest is a therapeutic product for individuals with autism, sensory processing disorder or anxiety.

Our Price:: $365.00
Hot Dog Roll-Up Hot Dog Roll-Up

Let the good times roll.

Our Price:: $399.00
Steamroller Squeeze Machine Steamroller Squeeze Machine

Experience a full body hug!

Starting At: $399.99
Sensory Squeeze Lounger

The perfect squeeze therapy device!

Starting at: $2,359.00