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Interactive Social Skills Games for Asperger’s & Autism

We all learn differently. For some, the challenges lie in creative or language-based tasks; for others, in analytical or math-based lessons. Our coping, learning and social skills games and activities are ideal for special needs children but provide valuable lessons for kids of all abilities!

For children with disabilities, the additional challenges of mastering social and communication skills oftentimes present themselves early on. From creative thinking and making thoughtful choices to understanding social context clues, growing up with a disability has many hurdles.

When special needs children, teens or adults have the opportunity to swing, we give them a chance to achieve a variety of goals, from balance to relaxation.

Here at Got-SpecialKids, we know that when hurdles are faced head-on with a positive attitude, anything is possible. Whether your child has a mild learning disability, ADHD, Asperger’s or Autism, he or she is more likely to succeed when lessons are put into context that's relatable. Our games and activities are designed to help children by offering age and skill level-appropriate tasks designed to expand self-awareness, manage emotions, teach social expectations and more.

We carry a variety of communication skills games, critical thinking games and social skills games for kids of all ages. From BINGO and board games to outdoor activities for groups, you'll find everything you need for the home or classroom right here.

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Blunders Manner Mats

Use them at home or take them along when dining out. Each pad includes 38 different mats!

Our Price:: $8.49
Smile & Succeed for Teens

A crash course in social skills to ensure teens succeed in school, work and life!

Our Price:: $9.95
Learning Manners Flash Cards for Toddlers & Children Learning Manners Flash Cards for Toddlers & Children

Illustrations modeling proper behavior

Our Price:: $9.99
Got-Special KIDS | Respect the Earth Flash Cards Respect the Earth Flash Cards

Friendly animals show simple ways to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Our Price:: $9.99
4-Inch Therapy, Learn & Play Thumb Ball Game 4-Inch Therapy, Learn & Play Thumb Ball Game

More than a ball! Throw it! Catch it! Respond to the panel under your thumb.

Our Price:: $10.99
Got-Special KIDS | Good Manners Flash Cards Good Manners Flash Cards

Learn good manners with the polite pigs!

Our Price:: $11.99
What Do I Do? Conversation Cards

Help children understand how to handle social situations with poise, grace and confidence!

Our Price:: $11.99
I Heard Your Feelings Conversation Cards

Help children recognize and express their feelings!

Our Price:: $11.99
Clever Catch Clever Catch

Helps students discuss a plan of action.

Our Price:: $12.95
6-Inch Therapy, Learn & Play Thumb Ball Game 6-Inch Therapy, Learn & Play Thumb Ball Game

More than a ball! Throw it! Catch it! Respond to the panel under your thumb. Great for social skills training!

Our Price:: $13.99
Got-Special KIDS | Good Citizenship Flash Cards Good Citizenship Flash Cards

Start a conversation about social responsibility!

Our Price:: $13.99
Watch This Face Puzzle Pairs Watch This Face Puzzle Pairs

Match situations with emotional responses.

Our Price:: $15.99
Speaker's Box

Build oral language, critical thinking skills and confidence with this interactive game. Students reach into the box, pick a color-coded prompt card, then get talking!

Our Price:: $17.99
all About Faces Card Game

Recognizing the feelings of others is a vital skill for all social interaction.

Our Price:: $17.99
Making & Keeping Friends

Help tweens and teens focus friendship skills.

Our Price:: $18.95
Anger Strategies Ball

Help kids develop the skills to handle their angry feelings!

Our Price:: $22.95
The Bullying Stops Here Ball

For Elementary, Middle and High School Students

Our Price:: $22.95
Hidden Rules Card Games

4 interactive card games that teach school age children "unwritten" social rules. Purchase individually or the complete set!

Our Price:: $23.95
What Should I Do Now?

A card game that that teaches social decision making.

Our Price:: $23.95
Play-2-Learn Dominoes - Friendship Play-2-Learn Dominoes - Friendship

Make new friends and resolve conflicts.

Our Price:: $24.95
No More Meltdowns Game

Help children learn how to avoid meltdowns!

Our Price:: $29.95
Know the Code Know the Code

Learn social behaviors at school!

Starting At: $29.99
Social Skills Board Games

6 games teach children’s social skills and reinforce positive character traits.

Our Price:: $29.99
Social Skills Bingo for Teens

Help teens learn Social Skills while playing a simple game of bingo!

Our Price:: $39.93
Coping Skills Bingo

Help young teens address and handle stresses in their lives by learning easy-to-implement coping skills.

Our Price:: $39.95
Cooperative Behavioral Social & Emotional Development Boardgame Cooperative Behavioral Social & Emotional Development Boardgame

Designed to develop empathy and improve interpersonal relationships.

Our Price:: $49.95
Impulse Control Boardgame

Teaches seven specific skills that help children control impulses

Our Price:: $49.95
Feelings Fair Feelings Fair

Learn to handle difficult situations .

Our Price:: $49.95
From Rage to Reason

From Rage to Reason is designed to teach practical skills for controlling anger and avoiding violence. Players earn play money by giving good advice on how to deal with frustrating and anger provoking situations.

Our Price:: $49.95
Real Friends

Give kids the skills they need to navigate the world of cliques and shifting relationships.

Our Price:: $49.95
Good Hygiene - Bad Manners Hygiene Activity Kit

Understanding what is expected when it comes to hygiene and good manners is such an important part of growing up.

Our Price:: $79.99