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Reading Body Language - Flirting Cards
Reading Body Language - Flirting Cards

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Flirting is the act of sending subtle messages through our bodies and faces, sometimes without even saying a word! We use this form of language to attract people of interest, or to communicate that we’re not interested! It can be difficult to interpret these subtle signs.

The Reading Body Language: Flirting Cards were designed to teach students to look at the body and the face of someone else to get information about their interest or feelings. They give students an edge in understanding what is communicated in an interaction. They also help individuals be more aware of their own messages, and how their bodies and faces may be communicating information to others.

The set includes cards expressing different body language and facial expressions of both males and females.

The cards have images on the front, and full descriptions of what is being communicated on the back of each card. Use them to teach about body language, or to quickly quiz students.