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Roger Von Oech's X Ball, Y Ball and Star Ball
Got Special KIDS|Roger Von Oech's X Ball, Y Ball and Star Ball

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30 magnetic Xs click together to form an icosidodecahedron. The uniquely angled geometry of the X-shaped pieces allows users to invent their own shapes and designs. The X-Ball comes with an illustrated 96-page creativity guidebook that offers lots of ideas for other fun shapes and creative applications for the X-Ball. X-Ball pieces can also be used with the Ball of Whacks pieces.

Ages 14+

Y- Ball
The inspiration for the Y-Ball is the skeletal truncated icosahedron, an orb-like geometric figure long admired for its beauty, more commonly referred to as a soccer ball. As you start to “kick around” some creative ideas, you’ll find the magnets lead you to construct more interesting shapes than you expected.

Here are a few popular ways to use it:
• Design and create new shapes
• Use it in a creativity workshop
• Use it as a meditation aid to free your mind
• Just PLAY with it!

Ages 14+

Star Ball
This geometric gem will both challenge and delight you! It consists of 32 magnetic design pieces. Take the Star-Ball Challenge: Use the polarity dots to combine the five-legged stars with the "tri" pieces to form the ball. Star-Ball may be the most challenging Creative Whack product yet.

Combine Star-Ball with Ball of Whacks, Big Ball of Whacks, X-Ball or Y-Ball for unlimited possibilities.

Available in yellow only.

Ages 14+