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Pre-Packaged Fidget Bags for Classrooms

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Light Up Fidget Spinner Light Up Fidget Spinner

The Light - Up Fidget Spinner is a 3" hand fidget. Spin away that stress and anxiety with the beautiful spinning lights, that are turn on and off by pressing on each button. Control the number of buttons to light up. Great for ADHD and focused fidgeting. Keeps attention and relieving stress with the flick of finger.

Colors Varies.
Ages 3+

Our Price:: $3.00
Squish Stretch Banana 5.5" Squish Stretch Banana 5.5"

Squishy Banana Fidget stretch's the stress away. Squeeze Banana is sand filled and super fun to stretch, squeeze, bend and fold with its durable silicon skin you can have fun and relieve stress. The banana is 5.5" and fits comfortably in the palm of hand. Go Banana's squeezing the stress away.

Not Recommended for Children under 3

Our Price:: $3.50
Toysmith - Mood Mudd Toysmith - Mood Mudd

Stretchy String Moody Fun! Wash hands before and after use. Colors will blend. Water-soluble. Put the mudd in the fridge, before use to get the best color reaction, to your hands heat.
  • 3.75 Ounces Per Container
  • Changes color with the heat from your hand just like mood rings!
  • Do Not Ingest.
  • Recommended for ages 4 and up

Our Price:: $5.75
Playvisions - Squishy Morph Fish Playvisions - Squishy Morph Fish

Filled with sand that allows the figures to stretch and remain in their elongated shape. Can be shaped and reformed to original size and shape. 7" in size. Assorted fish: Clown Fish, Blue Tang Fish.

Our Price:: $6.00
Got Special KIDS|Mini Classroom Fidget Bag Mini Classroom Fidget Bag

Great fidget bag to keep hands busy during study time.

Our Price:: $24.99
Got Special Kids|Mini Classroom Fidget Bag Mini Classroom Fidget Bag 2.0

Great fidget bag to keep hands busy during study time.

Our Price:: $26.99
Got Special KIDS|American Occupational Therapy Association Toy Fidget Bag Special Fidget Bag

Show Special Bag - Order now online!

Our Price:: $42.00
Got Special KIDS|Classroom Fidget Bag Classroom Fidget Bag 2.0

A great fidget bag to keep restless hands occupied during study time

Our Price:: $89.99
Relaxus - Calming Weighted Blanket Relaxus - Calming Weighted Blanket

5pds Kids Weighted Blanket

Our Price:: $98.99
Got Special KIDS|Sensory Reset Tote Sensory Reset Totes

Each tote is  filled with age-appropriate sensory tools!

Starting at: $245.00

All children need resources to help them succeed. If your child experiences sensory overload, then you should consider one of these Sensory Break Boxes. A must-have for classrooms and learning environments, these kits are packed with age-appropriate sensory tools to help students re-focus, re-energize, and self-regulate. Available in three sizes, each bag is intended for a different environment.

The Occupational Therapy (OT) Fidget Bag comes with 11 tools for combating distractions and self-soothing. Its minimalist size makes it ideal as a travel bag. Our larger options, the Classroom Fidget Bag and the Sensory Break Box, are more appropriate for standalone environments, such as a school, office, or home. The Sensory Break Box is available for five different age groups: preschool, elementary, intermediate, high school and adult.
Get students back on track with these sensory-rich tools and get free shipping when you buy $75 or more.