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Sensory Squeeze Lounger
Sensory Squeeze Lounger

Starting at: $2,359.00

Product Code: 3982

Sensory Squeeze Lounger Size:

The Sensory Squeeze Lounger provides deep pressure touch to the lateral, medial, ventral and dorsal sides of the body. The application of pressure is regulated by the user by turning, shifting and adjusting their own body position to apply the pressure where it feels most comfortable and therapeutic. Sensory Squeeze Lounger is patent pending and that uses a sophisticated diaphragm pump and air compartment system so the pressure is both safe and effective. The Lounger has also been designed so that the pump is barely audible.

Sensory Squeeze Lounger is the perfect tool for helping individuals receive sensory input that they control in order to self-calm and regulate their neurological ssytems. Sensory Squeeze can be part of any regular sensory therapy program at home, or academic or clinical settings.

Adult & Child Loungers:
Adult dimensions: 47.5" L x 33" W x 27.75" H
Child dimensions: 42" L x 23" W x 26.75" H