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TouchPoints Basic
Our simple TouchPoints Basic model offers the same best-selling BLAST technology as TouchPoints Original but is not app-controlled. TouchPointsâ„¢ Basic offers our three most popular settings (sleep, calm, and anger).

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TouchPoints Basic Wrist Band:

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TouchPoints™ are twin neuroscientific wearables that provide fast relief from stress. They are worn on each side of the body preventatively or on-the-spot for 15 minutes before, during or after a stressful situation. Using gentle, haptic microvibrations called BLAST (bilateral alternating stimulation tactile),

TouchPoints give the user a gentle vibration that affects the brain and alters the body's fight, flight or freeze response to restore calm nervous system functioning.
This not only helps to reduce the amount of perceived stress experienced, but also the associated body sensation that comes with it (i.e. stomach butterflies or tightness in the chest).

Having the ability to think rationally without an associated body sensation helps the brain create new neural pathways that are net positive, and this has a lasting effect on your brain. Now the next time you think of that same stressful situation, it doesn’t feel so bad! Many of our users report they experience less pain, are more calm, are able to sleep better, and have improved performance. TouchPoints™ can be used for a short duration to spot treat stress, or they may be left on for longer periods of time to prevent it as well as 15 minutes in the morning and night to help improve sleep.
  • Our popular TouchPoints™ Basic has a sleek design and extended battery life. It is controlled manually from the devices and is not app-controlled.
  • TouchPoints Basic includes settings for sleep, calm, and anger, and has customizable faces.
  • Our simple TouchPoints Basic model offers the same best-selling BLAST technology as TouchPoints Original but is not app-controlled. TouchPoints™ Basic offers our three most popular settings (sleep, calm, and anger).
  • Two TouchPoints™ devices
  • A linen carrying bag
  • A dual-pronged charging cable
  • Choose from 1 set of Black Silicone (small/large) or Stainless Steel Mesh Band
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  • How to use your TouchPoints:
    While stress is universal, the way you manifest it is highly personal. This means that TouchPoints™ can be used in different ways for a variety of cases.
    Many people use TouchPoints for 15 minutes in the morning to start their day off calm and leveled and for 15 minutes before bedtime to improve their sleep. Some people also like using their TouchPoints for 15-20 in minutes when they are feeling stressed or anticipate being in a stressful situation. Others, like those with sensory issues such as Autism, wear TouchPoints for hours at a time to stay calm and focused.
    Your stress is as unique as you are. If you aren't sure when you should be using your TouchPoints, take a look at our Encyclopedia of Uses for suggestions on how to use TouchPoints in a variety of situations. Try using them in some of these ways and see what works best for you!
    TouchPoints should always be worn as a pair. One TouchPoint must be on either side of the body in order for the technology to work. Skin to skin contact is not necessary as long as you feel the vibrations.
    Wristbands: Slide wristbands onto TouchPoints and wear on wrists or ankles.
    Other ways to wear them: Hold in your hands or slide in socks or pockets. You can also purchase clothing clips and slide them on the back of each TouchPoint and clip to clothing such as belt, pants, pockets, socks, or bra straps.
    When you first receive your devices, charge them overnight for optimal results. TouchPoints can't reduce your stress if you're not in a stressful state to begin with! The first time you use your TouchPoints, complete the TouchPoint Challenge, which simulates a stressful situation, to understand how TouchPoints are actively reducing your stress.