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Assistive Technology Switches

Easily control just about any AT device with the touch of a colorful and easy-to-press interactive switch. Our switches give the user complete control over a variety of AT electronics including environmental controls, communication devices, computer software, phones or tablets.

Try our Big Red switch, which provides an audible click and a larger activation surface that make it easier for a child to use. If you prefer or need a smaller target area, we also offer the Jelly Bean Twist switch. This handy little button features interchangeable switch tops in different colors for ease of use. Our interactive Super Switch features eight different operation modes, which helps develop specific switching skills, hand-eye coordination and memory skills. Its stimulating game of matching color patterns helps develop your child’s mind. Or if your child isn’t keen on buttons, try our interactive power cube, which helps teach them cause and effect, color recognition and communication skills. Its 30-inch range gives you the ability to change the color on numerous interactive products at the same time.

Each one of our switches can be integrated with a number of AT devices especially made for children with cognitive, physical, visual or audio learning difficulties. With one small movement, many difficult tasks suddenly become manageable, building the confidence they need to feel self-sufficient and independent. Help them improve their communication and make daily tasks easier than ever. Place your order today and get a simple, quick and easy to use switch to expand your child’s abilities and help them reach their maximum potential.