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Got Special Kids| Unicorn Bubble Pop Sensory Fidget Unicorn Bubble Pop Sensory Fidget

Unicorn Sensory Fidget!

Our Price: $2.99
Sale Price: $1.75
Savings: $1.24
Got Special Kids| Candy Dimple Keychain Fidget Candy Dimple Keychain Fidget

Candy Dimple Keychain Fidget!

Our Price: $2.99
Sale Price: $2.00
Savings: $0.99
Got-Special KIDS|UmongUS Big Fidget UmongUS Big Fidget

Premium Quality: Silicone materials, safe and non-toxic, tasteless, will not cause any harm to humans and pets parents can rest assured, to buy for your children. popping fidget toy made with high quality silicone.

Effectively Relieve Stress: This push bubble pop fidget toy has a quiet side and a loud side to pop. It can effectively relieve anxiety and stress and help restore mood. It is idea for people with autism, the ADHD, the elderly, children and adults who need to relieve stress.

Game Instruction: Players take turns pressing as many as they want in a row. The player who presses the last mouse loses. It exercises the child's logic thinking ability, which is very interesting and inspiring.

Our Price: $3.00
Got-SpecialKIDS|Happy Face Light Up Ball Light Up Happy Ball

These small hand sized, vinyl balls have a smiley face and light up when they are bounced. Great sensory, stress-relieving fidget ball. Light up that smile!

Our Price: $3.00
Got-Special KIDS|The Writing C.L.A.W. Pencil Gripper (Set of 3) The Writing C.L.A.W. Pencil Gripper (Set of 3)

Teach young children how to hold their pencil.

Starting At: $5.00
Sale Price: $3.25
Savings: $1.75
Spiky Bands Spiky Bands

Give kid’s these stretchy, colorful bracelets with sensory touch “spikes” that are fun to play with as Fidget Toys.

Fun, Colorful and Stretchy

These flexible wristbands are great for kids who need to keep their hands busy and their minds focused, but they’re also just an exciting toy for girls and boys of all ages. They can be used as party favors or school treasure chests. Most importantly, they’re safe, non-toxic, and gentle on even the most sensitive skin.

Product Details:

  • Premium Silicone Spiky Bands (6 Pack)
  • Soft and Flexible Wearable Bracelets
  • Brilliant, Eye-Catching Colors
  • Textured Stimulating Feel
  • Lightweight and Comfortable Fit
  • Gender Neutral (Boys and Girls)
  • Kid-Safe, Non-Toxic Materials
  • Includes 6 Assorted Colors

Our Price: $3.50
5" Squeezy Sparkle Candy Cane 5" Squeezy Sparkle Candy Cane

You'll feel the magic with this 5" Squeezy Sparkle Candy Cane! Perfect for relieving stress and makes a great stocking stuffer! For Kids and Adults Alike.

Choking Hazard: Not for Kids Under 3

Our Price: $4.25
Got-Special Kids|Flash Puffer Yoyo Ball Flash Puffer YoYo Ball

Popular with kids and parents, this 5-inch flashing puffer ball comes in an assortment of two-tone colors and lights up. Colors vary but may include yellow, pink, purple, blue, and others. With a 2-inch tether, each spiky puffer ball has a yo-yo action that, when tapped, activates a flashing light inside. Made of soft, stretchy nontoxic plastic material.
Ages 5+

Our Price: $5.00
Holiday Tote Bags Holiday Tote Bags

Add a Holiday Tote Bag for only $5 each.

Our Price: $5.00
Tornado Tube Tornado Tube

Simple, fun way to demonstrate twisting tornadoes to your child.

Our Price: $5.50
Toysmith - Butter Dough Toysmith - Butter Dough

Butter Dough Changes Color By Touch!
Love to craft? Sculpt and leave out to air dry. Reusable with 1TBSP of water in container with Butter Dough, let sit for approx.1 hour, too reuse again. Show your creativity, again and again.

  • Wash Hands before and after use.
  • Water soluble.
  • Do Not Ingest.
  • Not for Kids under 3.

Our Price: $5.75
Got Special KIDS|Carson Dellosa What Happened? Learning Cards Carson Dellosa What Happened? Learning Cards

Help young learners improve listening, conversation and social skills!

Our Price: $5.99
Tangle NightBall Keychains Tangle NightBall Keychains

Lighted Keychain

Our Price: $5.99
Got Special KIDS|Kwik Stix Kwik Stix Tempera Paint

Paint sticks that dry in 90 seconds.

Starting at: $6.00
Smiley Face Balls Smiley Face Balls

The smiling stress reliever. Squeeze for ultimate smiles. The Smiley Face Balls is a firm squeeze and recommended for those
need- to-be busy hands.

Our Price: $6.00
Mondo Neon Inside-Out Ball Mondo Neon Inside-Out Ball

Small stress ball. Soft.

Our Price: $6.00
Got Special KIDS|3-Step Pen & Pencil  Grip Training Kit for Comfort & Control 3-Step Grip Training Kit

3 Steps achieve a lifetime of comfort and control.

Our Price: $6.12
Got Special KIDS|Tangle Totally Textured Sensory Fidget Toy in Metallic Colors Tangle Totally Textured Metallic

Same tangle, more texture and bright metallic colors!

Our Price: $6.49
Got-SpecialKIDS|Sproing Ball Toysmith - Sproing Ball

See how high you can make it bounce. The Sproing Ball is wrapped in gears to keep you working, to bounce higher each time. Colorful interlocking 3" gears. Fun Play!
Ages 3+

Our Price: $6.50
Got-Special Kids|Grow Sloth Grow Sloth

Grow Sloth is a water-grow toy

Our Price: $6.50

Big Pop Game Fidget Toy, Pop Rainbow Chess Board Fidget Popper Toy, Push Bubble Fidget Sensory Toy for Kids, Autism Stress Relief Toy for ADHA.

【Game Instructions】Each players have 60 pop bubble popper. Take turns to roll the dices and press these pop chess fidget popper according to the number. Who press the last popper will lose one round and press a big pop in the blue area to mark it. Three wins in five rounds.

Our popping game fidget toy is a nice interactive fidget game toy, including a Chess Board with 126 bubbles popper and 2 dices. This big pop game fidget toy is a educational toy for kids, also a stress relief toy for ADHA, ADD, etc

Our Price: $6.99
Got Special KIDS|Learning to Sequence 3-Scene Board Game - What Comes Next Concepts Learning to Sequence 3-Scene Board Game

Perfect for practicing sequencing skills!

Our Price: $6.99
Got Special KIDS|Learning to Sequence 6-Scene Board Game Learning to Sequence 6-Scene Board Game

Practice sequencing skills while having fun at the same time!

Our Price: $6.99
Catch Ball Game Catch Ball Game

Catch Ball

Our Price: $6.99
Got Special KIDS|Eggsercizer Eggsercizer

Develop motor skills and grip strength.

Starting At: $7.50
Got-Special KIDS|Carson Delosa Sign Language Flash Cards Grade PK-8 Sign Language Flash Cards Grade PK-8

Sign Language

Our Price: $7.50
Got Special Kids|4-Inch Therapy, Learn & Play Thumb Ball Game Thumballs for Social Learning - 4-Inch Therapy, Learn & Play Game

More than a ball! Throw it! Catch it! Respond to the panel under your thumb.

Our Price: $8.00
Got Special KIDS|School-Rite Handwriting Templates - Numbers. The right tools make all the difference! School-Rite Writing Template - Numbers

The right tool makes all the difference!

Our Price: $12.29
Sale Price: $8.50
Savings: $3.79
Got Special KIDS|Learning Resources Big Feelings Pineapple Learning Resources Big Feelings Pineapple

This pineapple feels a lot of feelings!

List Price: $11.99
Our Price: $10.75
Sale Price: $8.75
Savings: $3.24
Got Special KIDS| I Heard Your Feelings Conversation Cards for Analyzing Emotions Eeboo - Conversation Cards - I Heard Your Feelings

Help children recognize and express their feelings!

Our Price: $10.50
Sale Price: $9.50
Savings: $1.00
Got Special KIDS|Sensory Processing Calming Califone Hearing Protector- HS50 Califone Hearing Safe Hearing Protector- HS50

Great tool for auditory sensitivity!

Our Price: $9.50
Got Special KIDS|Carson Dellosa I Can Tie My Shoes! Carson Dellosa I Can Tie My Shoes!

Improve fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination while learning to tie shoes!

Our Price: $13.99
Sale Price: $9.50
Savings: $4.49

Families have been contacting us regularly as they are searching for specific resources to support their child’s learning until their school opens back up. We recognize that parents and guardians are a child's first and most important teacher so we've developed a page on our web site called Got-Kids at home.

This page contains educational resources and sensory supports for children and young and adults.
We are committed to being available to answer questions, and provide quick shipping for items we have in stock for as long as we are able.

At GSK, we are parents. And we're also teachers. We'll remain steadfast in empowering children and young adults as fellow parents and teachers navigate the current crisis.