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Multi-Sensory Room Equipment Packages

For children and adults struggling with proprioception, self-calming or sensory input, sensory rooms can provide a range of solutions. Create a safe, comfortable and captivating space for kids or adults to lounge in today. With items including bubble tubes, projectors, fiber optics and soft, padded lounge spaces, you'll be able to provide a rich sensory experience that can be exciting, calming or both.

Our rooms are simple to install and don't require professional services. Kids and adults of all ages can work on skills including cause and effect, color matching, social interaction and more. Switch-operated items help improve motor control and encourage learning, listening and playing.

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Got Special Kids| La Siesta Joki - Hanging Nest Swing La Siesta Joki - Organic Cotton Hanging Nest Swing -New & Improved!

Organic Cotton Kids Hanging Nest

Our Price:: $159.90
Got Special Kids The ZunZun Travel Hanging Chair is made of soft, durable fabric and includes a tree-friendly suspension strap. La Siesta ZunZun River - Travel Hammock Chair with Suspension

A travel hammock sensory swing

Our Price:: $99.90
Got Special Kids | Habana Organic Cotton Hammock. La Siesta Habana - Organic Cotton Comfort Hammock Chair

A sensory swing that maximizes comfort in a minimum amount of space!

Our Price:: $119.90
Got Special KIDS|3 Foot LED Bubble Tube with Fake Fish 3 Foot LED Bubble Tube with Fake Fish

7 changing light colors.

Our Price:: $119.99
Combo Pack 4-ft Aquarium Bubble Tube & 3-in Plasma Ball Combo Pack 4-ft Aquarium Bubble Tube & 3-in Plasma Ball

Bubble Tube-Plasma Ball Set

Our Price:: $159.50
Got Special KIDS| Sensory Room Combo Package Sensory Room Combo Package Jaxx Lounger & LED Bubble Tube

For story time, nap time, play time, and any time, kids love to snuggle into the plush and supportive bean bag.

Our Price:: $249.00
Got Special Kids | Hanging Pumpkin Chair with Stand Patterns Hanging Pumpkin Chair with Stand - Patterns

New patterns for our favorite Pumpkin Chair!

Our Price:: $599.99
Got Special KIDS|Double Lounger Crash Pad Double Lounger Crash Pad

Use as a crash pad or relaxation hub!

Our Price:: $699.50
Experia Calming Sensory Room Package Experia Calming Sensory Room Package

If relaxation, calming and de-escalation is the goal, then this bundle is the perfect solution!

Our Price:: $8,939.00
Got Special KIDS| Experia Premium Sensory Room Experia Premium Sensory Room Package

Our Premium Sensory Room offers a world of sensory nirvana in an easy to set up room!

Our Price:: $11,449.00
Got Special KIDS| Experia Superactive Sensory Room Experia Superactive Sensory Room

A Superactive Sensory Room is a world of its own.

Our Price:: $16,999.00

Sensory environments have been a part of occupational therapy since the 1970s. However, only in recent years has the importance of providing appropriate sensory stimulation become more mainstream. With the help of additional funding for more extensive studies, research has shown that both kids and adults can improve when exposed to proper sensory integration therapy.

The perfect sensory room combines ideal lighting and sounds with items such as crash pads, pressure machines, bubble columns or swing sets. Each piece of equipment in your room will be designed to suit the needs of the child; those who need to blow off steam or self-stimulate enjoy swinging, rocking or crashing whereas an overstimulated person gravitates more toward soothing sounds and sights.

Learning and comfort rooms can address the need for relaxation, stimulation, socialization or sensory integration all at once. When creating a sensory room, you may want to focus on tactile needs, proprioception, taste or smell integration, or simply play time. We work with a variety of manufacturers and budgets to meet our customers’ individual needs, whether you want to create a person space, a special needs sensory classroom or a therapy space. Fill out and return this form to start learning about creating a custom sensory room today.