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Family Game Night - Young Adults or Teen
Family Game Night - Young Adults or Teen

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Special Needs Family Game Night Assortment

Playing games with your kids is a great way to bond, and our selection of puzzle, logic and learning games provides an ideal combination of fun and challenge. The teen and young adult game bundle includes three puzzle games that can be played alone or together, and one Jr. Tangle fidget toy to keep busy hands active.

ThinkFun - Thinking Putty Puzzle Logic Game

Aaron's Thinking Putty goes to new lengths in this entertaining logic game designed for older kids who love to puzzle. This game is great for sensory seekers who are enchanted with squeezable items such as putty or Yuk-E balls, and contains 60 different challenges to provide hours of endless entertainment.

Game play: Each of the 60 beginner-to-expert level challenges provide the player with a blueprint for how to set up the puzzle. To solve the puzzle, players must use putty to connect the dots without intersecting the dots they've placed on the game board.
This game puts spatial reasoning skills to the test.
As always, Aaron's is a high-quality, silicone-based putty that's safe, nontoxic and will never dry out.

ThinkFun Color Cube 3D Sudoku Puzzle Game

This brain-twisting puzzle uses an array of fun colors instead of numbers for hours of Sudoku-style fun. Each game contains a 3 x 3-slot tray and nine color cubes. Each cube contains a set of four unique colors, each arranged differently on all six sides.

Game play: Play free-style or use the included booklet to copy one of many patterns. As in Sudoku, the objective is to fill the grid with the colors in a way that each column and row contains all of the six colors.

Tips for playing the ThinkFun Color Cube 3D Sudoku Puzzle Game

Because each cube contains 24 separate combinations, this puzzle game can provide hours of entertainment in one go. However, like all puzzles, it can be solved more quickly and easily by using a series of deductive reasoning tactics rather than trying all combinations at random. Playing games in this way introduces kids to math concepts and critical thinking, in addition to providing a sense of predictability many special needs kids seek.

Try this:
Since we know this is a colors-based game, let's try finding all of the colors and putting them in rows first. To start, it won't matter if some of our colors repeat within their rows, since the orientation of the cubes is flexible.

  • Each cube contains four colors. Place one cube on the table or any flat surface, then select two colors from this cube to help you find a second cube that also contains those same colors.
For example, if your first cube contains red, white, orange and yellow, your second cube should contain two of those colors as well.
  • Finally, find a third cube that contains the leftover colors you haven't yet matched up.
For example, if you chose to match up red and white with your second cube, your third cube needs to contain orange, yellow and whatever other two colors are left over from your second cube.
  • The end result of this matching is that you'll have one row (horizontal) containing all colors.
  • Repeat these steps to create a second and third row, independently of how these cubes would match up in their columns.
  • When you're finished matching all three rows, it's time to look at the columns; if the column contains more than two matching colors, simply swap the cube to another column within the same row.
  • Finally, in order to only end up with one color in each individual row and column, rotate the cubes on their own axes.

ThinkFun Roller Coaster Challenge

Building things that work is fun and exciting. Add the element of roller coasters, and you've got an entertaining game that incorporates elements of logic, STEM and creative reasoning with the creativity that comes from free-form building. Once the puzzle is solved, your roller coaster car glides down the track - complete with dips, curves and loops.


ThinkFun - Thinking Putty Puzzle Logic Game
ThinkFun Color Cube 3D Sudoku Puzzle Game
ThinkFun Roller Coaster Challenge
Jr. Tangle Fidget Toy - Fuzzies