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Wikki Stix  Rainbow Pak Wikki Stix Rainbow Pak

No glue, no paste, no mess with Wikki Stix!

Our Price:: $3.50
Tie Me Tie Me A Lacing & Tying Activity

Learn to tie shoes with this lacing toy.

Our Price:: $4.50
Math Dice Think Fun Math Dice

Any age enjoys this dice game of mental math.

Our Price:: $4.99
The Fishing Game

The Fishing Game is catch of the day!

Our Price:: $11.99
Sale Price: $7.99
Savings: $4.00
Adam's Cube Adam's Cube

Combines six challenges into one.

Our Price:: $9.89
Pop for Sight Words Pop for Sight Words

Colorful popcorn graphics and competitive game play make for a fun sight-words-learning game!

Starting At: $9.99
Pop for Addition and Subtraction

Put down the flashcards! Make practicing math facts fun and keep the gumballs for right answers!

Our Price:: $9.99
Got-Special KIDS | Respect the Earth Flash Cards Respect the Earth Flash Cards

Friendly animals show simple ways to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Our Price:: $9.99
Learning Resources Money Jar Learning Resources Money Jar

Using Money Is an Important Functional Skill for Independent Living

Our Price:: $9.99
Gordian's Knot Game Gordian's Knot Game

A brain puzzle like no other!

Our Price:: $10.49
Wooden Stringing Set String My ABCs, String N Beep, String A Farm Wooden Stringing Set

Bright, chunky, wooden bead shapes

Our Price:: $11.89
Chocolate Fix - Sweet Game of Deductive Reasoning Chocolate Fix - Sweet Game of Deductive Reasoning

Forty fun mind challenges with solutions!

Our Price:: $19.99
Sale Price: $11.99
Savings: $8.00
Got-Special KIDS | Good Manners Flash Cards Good Manners Flash Cards

Learn good manners with the polite pigs!

Our Price:: $11.99
Shape Sorting Clock

It’s always time for learning with this fun shape sorting clock.

Our Price:: $11.99
Count & Build TotBot Count & Build TotBot

Twist, build & stack with a little bot of fun.

Our Price:: $12.49
Wikki Stix Stem Pak Wikki Stix Stem Pak

No glue, no paste, no mess with Wikki Stix!

Our Price:: $12.49
Ivan's Hinge

An irresistible-fidgety toy and fast-forming fun all packed into one!

Our Price:: $12.95
WordAround - Race to Unravel the Word WordAround - Race to Unravel the Word

The game is simple, but you'll find yourself baffled as you race to call out words.

Our Price:: $12.99
Jumbo Tweezers Set of 12

These colorful tweezers are just the right size for little hands.

Our Price:: $12.99
Helping Hands Fine Motor Tool Set

Twist, scoop, squeeze!

Our Price:: $12.99
Smarty Pants

Colorful, creative, illustrated activities, puzzles, math challenges and much more!

Our Price:: $12.99
Got-Special KIDS | Yeti in My Spaghetti Yeti in My Spaghetti Game

Pull out the spaghetti, but don't drop the Yeti!

Our Price:: $14.99
Sale Price: $13.50
Savings: $1.49
Shape Sequence Sorting Set

Sorting objects into groups are the "building blocks" of beginning math skills!

Our Price:: $13.95
Got-Special KIDS | Good Citizenship Flash Cards Good Citizenship Flash Cards

Start a conversation about social responsibility!

Our Price:: $13.99
Diggity Dogs

Have some furry, four-legged fun!

Our Price:: $14.99
Sale Price: $13.99
Savings: $1.00
3D Floor Puzzle

Puzzle play scene + 3D slot-together animals!

Our Price:: $13.99
Read My List!

What do onions, gold, and boxing have in common? They’re all types of rings!

Our Price:: $14.99
wikki stix one of a kind creatables Wikki Stix

Wikki Stix are totally unique! Perfect for crafts, teaching and learning and fine motor skills.

Our Price:: $14.99
Floof  Molding Clay Bucket Floof Molding Clay Bucket

Lighter-than-air modeling clay!

Our Price:: $19.99
Sale Price: $14.99
Savings: $5.00
Fun STEM Learning Kits

Fun & instructive games for children's early STEM learning!

Our Price:: $16.99
Sale Price: $14.99
Savings: $2.00
Easy Stitch Animal Jumpers

Animal craft kit that works little one's fingers & imagination!

Our Price:: $14.99
The Amazing Starcube The Amazing Starcube

Transforming geometric puzzle.  Cubes turn into stars!

Our Price:: $14.99