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Institutional Fun Tube 4ft. Tunnel

The see-thru Fun Tube will provide hours of fun. Builds motor skills and muscle strength!

Our Price:: $43.49
Fidget Gears Fidget Gears

Glide, Roll & Rattle!

Our Price:: $12.99
GeoMatrix 15 Piece Set GeoMatrix 15 Piece Set

Magnetic art of builiding.

Our Price:: $24.99
ADHD Self Control Problem Solving Cards ADHD Self Control Problem Solving Cards

Deal with ways to develop impulse control.

Our Price:: $18.95
Color Rush 4 Color Box Timer Color Rush 4 Color Box Timer

Our 4-chamber color timer does not disappoint!

Our Price:: $6.99
The Amazing Starcube The Amazing Starcube

Transforming geometric puzzle.  Cubes turn into stars!

Our Price:: $15.99
Caring About Others Card Game Caring About Others Card Game

Designed to encourage children to understand & care about the feelings of others.

Our Price:: $22.95
Fidget Spinnerz Fidget Spinner Spinnerz

Crazy cool new design.

Our Price:: $7.99
Tangle Jr. Artist Twistable Tangle Artist Therapy Brain & Fidget Toy

Art-inspired Tangles!

Our Price:: $7.49
Grab & Go Fidget Bag Grab & Go Fidget Bag

Handy, On-the-Go Quiet Fidget Bag!

Our Price:: $20.00
Sensory Saddle Rolls

Our Sensory Saddle is textured with a "nubby" surface which provides tactile stimulation to active seating and ball therapy routines.

Starting at: $32.95
Smooth & Groovy Pencil Toppers - Set of 3

Smooth & textured!

Our Price:: $8.99
Groovy Grips (Set of 3)

Unique tactile feel and input!

Our Price:: $5.49
Sensory Body Wrap

Use as a resistance tunnel or sensory sheet!

Our Price:: $51.99
Big Grips iPad Case Big Grip iPad Case

Big grips iPad case is easy to grab & hold.

Our Price:: $40.00