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Rolling Fidget Ring

Stay focused with the Rolling Fidget Ring.

Our Price:: $2.49
Math Dice Think Fun Math Dice

Any age enjoys this dice game of mental math.

Our Price:: $4.99
Got-Special KIDS | Spiral Drops Timer Spiral Drops Timer

Watch the drops roll down the spiral ramp!

Our Price:: $5.99
Light Up Molecule Ball

Squishy and soothing!

Our Price:: $5.99
Color Rush 4 Color Box Timer Color Rush 4 Color Box Timer

Our 4-chamber color timer does not disappoint!

Our Price:: $6.99
Mega Chewy Bracelet

Great oral motor stimulation without chewing on clothing or less desirable objects.

Our Price:: $6.99
Fidget Cube Anti-Stress Fidget Cube

Spin! Flip! Roll! Click!

Our Price:: $7.99
Scrunch Ball

This soft squishy ball is fun for all ages!

Our Price:: $8.49
Fidgitz think fun Fidgitz

Twisty Brainteaser!

Our Price:: $9.29
Precious Metals Thinking Putty Crazy Aaron's Precious Metals Thinking Putty

Thinking Putty  with glimmering metallic sparkles.

Our Price:: $9.49
Smile & Succeed for Teens

A crash course in social skills to ensure teens succeed in school, work and life!

Our Price:: $9.95
2 Speed Power Massager

Portable and soothing comfort at home, school or work.

Our Price:: $9.99
Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty- 4" Tin

Use Thinking Putty at home, school, work! Hypnotic and irresistible!

Our Price:: $10.99
NoiseOff Headphones NoiseOff Headphones

Block out distractions with NoiseOff!

Our Price:: $11.99
Fidget Gears Fidget Gears

Glide, Roll & Rattle!

Our Price:: $12.99
Via Hand Exerciser

Improve finger, hand and forearm strength with this easy to use therapy tool.

Starting at: $13.49
Giant Stress Ball Giant Stress Ball 10" Diameter

Knead, squeeze, stretch & give your brain a boost!

Our Price:: $14.49
Sandscapes - Art in Motion

Soothing landscape of falling sand for your desktop.

Our Price:: $19.99
Sale Price: $14.99
Savings: $5.00
The Amazing Starcube The Amazing Starcube

Transforming geometric puzzle.  Cubes turn into stars!

Our Price:: $14.99
Fidget Cube & Spinner Kit Fidget Cube & Spinner Kit Fidget Bag

Fidget & Spinner fun all-in-one!

Our Price:: $14.99
Magnetic Door/ Window Alarm

Help prevent wandering with this easy-to-install door and window alarm.

Starting at: $15.99
Follow the Leader - Finger Dexterity Game

Follow the Leader develops fine motor and visual tracking skills. Portable and fun!

Our Price:: $16.95
Peltor Ultimate 10 Noise Reduction Earmuff

Adjustable and comfortable noise sensitivity protection for teens and adults!

Our Price:: $17.99
ThinkFun Color Cube 3D Sudoku Puzzle Game ThinkFun Color Cube 3D Sudoku Puzzle Game

Give your brain a fun & colorful work-out!

Our Price:: $18.49
ThinkFun Pathwords Word Search Extreme ThinkFun Pathwords Word Search Extreme

Cross train your brain.

Our Price:: $19.49
Weighted Ball Cap

Our weighted ball cap provides sensory input through the head.

Our Price:: $21.99
ThinkFun Gravity Maze Board Game ThinkFun Gravity Maze Board Game

Falling Marble Logic Game

Our Price:: $23.49
What Should I Do Now?

A card game that that teaches social decision making.

Our Price:: $23.95
Time Timer Mod

The long-awaited Time Timer MOD is here!

Our Price:: $28.95
Vibrating Snake Vibrating Snake

Your special child will love it!

Our Price:: $29.88
Ball of Whacks Ball of Whacks

Fun and creativity rolled into one!

Our Price:: $31.75
Explore Social Skills Card Set - Vital High School Skills Explore Social Skills Card Set - Vital High School Skills

Explore Social Skills Card Set is an intervention tool for adolescents and young adults with autism or other developmental disabilities.

Our Price:: $33.99