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Math Dice Think Fun Math Dice

Any age enjoys this dice game of mental math.

Our Price:: $3.99
Brainwright Manifold - The Original Mindbender Brainwright Manifold - The Origami Mindbender

Start, Fold, Finish!

Our Price:: $6.00
Rory's Story Cubes - Voyages is a party dice game of full of fun and imagination! great ice-breaker too Rory's Story Cubes - Voyages

Let your imagination roll wild!

Our Price:: $7.79
Interactive card game for kids ages 8+. Sushi Go! is played over the course of 3 rounds. Each round, players are dealt out a number of cards to begin with. They simultaneously select one card and play it. Gamewright Sushi Go!

The Pick and Pass Card Game!

Our Price:: $8.00
Slamwich is a fast-paced and exciting card game. It teaches reading readiness skills, like visual discrimination and sequencing. Gamewright Slamwich

A Fast Flipping Card Game!

Our Price:: $9.00
Wikki Stix Stem Pak Wikki Stix Stem Pak

No glue, no paste, no mess with Wikki Stix!

Our Price:: $12.49
Sale Price: $11.39
Savings: $1.10
Think Fun Shape By Shape Think Fun Shape By Shape

Entertaining puzzle game helps sharpen visual perception and reasoning!

Our Price:: $12.49
Ideal Pop Pong Ideal Pop Pong

Button Bashing Fun!

Our Price:: $16.29
Educational Insights Smash Pong Smash Pong

Ready, aim, smash!

Our Price:: $21.49
Sale Price: $17.99
Savings: $3.50
ThinkFun Code Master ThinkFun Code Master

The Ultimate Coding Board Game - Featured in Purdue University's Engineering Gift Guide!

Our Price:: $17.99
Find It Kids World Find It Games Kids World

Spin, Twist , or Shake it to find hidden objects.

Our Price:: $19.49
Find It Games Captain Underpants Find It Games Captain Underpants

Spin, Twist , or Shake it to find hidden objects.

Our Price:: $19.49
Hidden Rules Card Games Hidden Rules Card Games - A Game that Teaches Everyday Social Skills

4 interactive card games that teach school age children "unwritten" social rules. Purchase individually or the complete set!

Starting at: $22.95
Thinkfun Roller Coaster Challenge- Build an Amusement Park in Your Living Room! ThinkFun Roller Coaster Challenge

Thrill ride building game. Build an amusement park in your living room!

Our Price:: $23.49
Puppy Foot Massager Puppy Foot Massager

Be prepared to RELAX!

Our Price:: $29.98
Wobl Vibrating Watch Wobl Vibrating Watch

Features ability to set 8 alarms!

Our Price:: $35.00
WobL + | Waterproof Reminder Watch WobL + | Waterproof Reminder Watch

Waterproof Vibrating Watch!

Our Price:: $36.00
Time Timer Watch PLUS Small Size Time Timer Watch PLUS Size Small

On the go convenient time management.

Our Price:: $59.89
Tickle Me 9.5 Ft. Giant Tunnel Pacific Play Tickle Me 9.5 Ft. Giant Tunnel

Teach kids cooperative interaction with this giant sensory tunnel!

Our Price:: $159.99