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Got Special Kids | Made of colorful 3 inch star shapes interwoven around a light-up center. Bounce it to activate a multicolored light show. Flashing Neutron Ball

Bounce, fidget, play!

Our Price:: $3.99
Bike Chain Fidgit Bike Chain Fidgit

Fun quiet fidget for the enjoyment of all ages

Our Price:: $3.99
Got Special Kids | Fat Brain Simpl Dimpl Keychain Fidget is a Unique key chain featuring silicone fidget buttons Simpl Dimpl Keychain Fidget

Fidgety fingers can't put it down!

Our Price:: $4.95
What Z'it What' Zit Fish

Multi colored to be moved into endless configurations!

Our Price:: $4.99
Squeeze-a-Bean Soybean Key-Chain Fidget Squeeze-a-Bean Soybean Key-Chain Fidget - Set of 3

Small size fidget that can travel!

Our Price:: $5.49
Flexi Crystal Brainteaser Puzzle Flexi Crystal Brainteaser Puzzle

Flex your mind with Bendy, Stretchy, Fun!

Our Price:: $7.99
Atomic Cherry Snap and Pop Puzzle Atomic Cherry Snap and Pop Puzzle

A Juicy Snappy Cherry Puzzle that you won't be able to put down!

Our Price:: $7.99
Bananacus Puzzle Bananacus Puzzle

The Potassium Packed Puzzle to keep fingers busy for hours!

Our Price:: $9.99
GO AWAY Monster!! Preschool game GO AWAY Monster!!

The Game Where Little Kids Get Rid of the Monsters for Good!

Our Price:: $14.99
Got Special Kids | The Tangle Original Textured is the perfect Tangle for sensory and tactile fun. Its size, bright colors and cool textures makes this Tangle ideal for kids and adults of all ages. Tangle Original - with Texture

The perfect Tangle for sensory and tactile fun!

Our Price:: $19.99
Got Special Kids| Find It Kids World!  It contains hidden items for you to find, conveniently listed on the top of the game. SPIN IT, TWIST IT, SHAKE IT! Find It Games Kids World

Spin, Twist , or Shake it to find hidden objects.

Our Price:: $24.95
Magna-Tiles Clear Colors - 32 piece set Magna-Tiles Clear Colors - 32 piece set

Where science, math and creativity meet!

Our Price:: $49.99
Comfort Weighted Shoulder Pad 3lb Soft Minky Weighted Shawl

Soft, Soothing Minky comfort pad

Our Price:: $53.99
Got Special Kids | Z-Vibe is the ultimate vibrating oral motor for speech therapy, feeding therapy, and sensory stimulation. Ark Z-Vibe Kit

The all-in-one oral motor tool!

Our Price:: $65.99
Giant Vibrating Ladybug Giant Vibrating Ladybug

Squeeze and she'll vibrate with joy!

Our Price:: $68.24
Got Special Kids | Tommy the Weighted Turtle provides a lap pad for soothing any person. Tyler the Weighted Turtle

Tommy the Turtle loves to be cuddled! 4 lbs

Our Price:: $88.99
Got Special Kids | Gonge Tactile Discs - Tactile Stepping Stones. Make a path or par course with our multi tactile discs. Great indoor and out. Non skidding and soft on the feet. Gonge Tactile Discs

Inviting tactile discs

Starting At: $99.99
Got Special Kids | River Stone features a soft base and a hard top platform supported by three strong steel springs to enable bouncing, which requires adjustment through the child's ankles and legs, making it a more challenging activity than simply Gonge Riverstones

Step into coordination, balance and fun!

Our Price:: $99.99
Got Special Kids | Gonge Hilltops | Five Hilltops of varying heights encourage children to jump from top to top, helping to develop the ability to estimate distances, while building a familiarity with heights. Gonge Hilltops

Inspire jumping from top to top.

Our Price:: $129.99
Got Special Kids | The Build and Balance Obstacle Set allows children to create courses and landscapes that will be challenging and fun. Great for encouraging coordination and balance. Gonge Build N' Balance Set

Combine parts to make obstacle courses and challenging balance activities!

Starting at: $299.99
Bubble Wall Calming Zen Bubble Wall

Relax with streams of illuminated bubbles!

Our Price:: $335.00
Got Special Kids | Exciting and challenging balancing system. The elements can be combined in countless ways so use your imagination to set up all the balance courses and landscapes you can build. Gonge Build N' Balance Advanced Set

More components make this activity set more fun and challenging!

Our Price:: $629.99