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Football Rubber Ducks - Set of 3 Football Rubber Ducks - Set of 3

Set of 3 Football Rubber Ducks

Our Price:: $3.00
Christmas Squish Stretch Fidget Christmas Squish Stretch Fidget

Whether you're looking for a way to relax, improve focus, or simply keep your hands busy, our 3.5" Christmas Squish Stretch fidget toy is the perfect companion. Made with a smooth silicone outside and a shaving cream like inside, these fidgets are satisfying to the touch and great for stress relief. They also make great stocking stuffers!

Our Price:: $3.25
Long Arm Stuffed Christmas Characters Long Arm Stuffed Christmas Characters

These Christmas pals just want to hang around! You can post them up around your home as Christmas decorations or party decorations with the included touch fasteners on the hands, or you can add them to party favor bags or stocking stuffers. Options are: an elf, a snowman or a reindeer. Plush. Hanging, 11"; arm span, 13".

Our Price:: $3.75
5" Squeezy Sparkle Candy Cane 5" Squeezy Sparkle Candy Cane

You'll feel the magic with this 5" Squeezy Sparkle Candy Cane! Perfect for relieving stress and makes a great stocking stuffer! For Kids and Adults Alike.

Choking Hazard: Not for Kids Under 3

Our Price:: $4.25
Chew Stixx Junior Pocket Oral Sensory Tubes Chew Stixx Junior Pocket Oral Sensory Tubes

Ideal for children with destructive sensory chewing disorders.

BP and Phthalate free material, coloring, and flavor.

Excellent Jaw Rehabilitation for Stroke Victims or head injuries.

Completely FDA approved materials and colors. Dishwasher safe.

Used by Speech, Occupational, and Physical Therapists.

Easily hides in pocket as to not draw attention to chewing habits of higher functioning children.
All Chew Stixx® Products are dishwasher safe, or can be washed with soap and water to prevent bacteria build up.

Available in cool mint, mint, plain, lemon, orange, strawberry, chocolate, and grape flavors.

Our Price:: $9.99
Parachewer Bracelet Parachewer Bracelet

Parachewer bracelets are super discreet and fashionable for kids, teens and adults. Made of non-toxic ballistic nylon and a 1 1/4" section of slim strong tube, these bracelets are tough enough to chew on and fidget.
Parachewers come in red, blue, green and yellow-and best of all they are made in the USA!

Our Price:: $13.99
Blue Cord Zilla with Rainbow Cord and Install Pack Blue Cord Zilla with Rainbow Cord and Install Pack

The Chubuddy Cord Zillas are a new and unique design of chews that are attachable to the cords on clothing, such as hoodies and sweaters. These Cord Chews are ideal for those who chew on their clothing, especially older kids needing a readily available chew.

Comes with two Cord Zilla chews, strong paracord, install straw and instructions.
Cord Zilla lets you place the Strong AND Soft Zilla chews on your favorite hoodie.

Chew Factor 3

Our Price:: $16.99
FidlBitz Deluxe Set FidlBitz Deluxe Set

FidlBitz® are revolutionary cubes that stick together but are not sticky!
Designed by a chemist, each 1cm cube simply sticks together and allows you to build, shape and create. If you can think of it, you can build it! Stack, link, shape, build in 2D, 3D or simply squish together for a sensory overload - the crackle noise is awesome! FidlBitz® is a genius toy that inspires creativity and provides open-ended, unplugged fun.
Ages 3+

Our Price:: $17.00
Got Special KIDS|Grab & Go Fidget Bag Grab & Go Fidget Bag

Handy, On-the-Go Quiet Fidget Bag!

Our Price:: $22.99
Got Special KIDS|Mini Classroom Fidget Bag Mini Classroom Fidget Bag

Great fidget bag to keep hands busy during study time.

Our Price:: $24.99
Talker Buddy Plus Talker Buddy Plus

AAC Communication Device Speech Therapy, Talker Buddy Communication Device For Non Verbal Kids & Adults, Autism Talking Aids For Home, School Kids Communication Device W/Recording Option

  • Easy Layout! - Featuring a soft touch button layout, Simple and easy to understand, which minimizes the learning curve and allows users to quickly start using it for communication.
  • Communicate with loved ones - The Talker Buddy is a versatile and widely useful tool for a variety of professionals and caregivers who work with non-verbal individuals Parents or caregivers of non-verbal children and adults can use the device as an effective means of communication with their loved ones.
  • Customize With Record Option - Customize the device to your specific needs by recording your or the voice of a loved one adding your own words and recordings, to provide a more personalized and effective communication experience
  • Wide Variety - Suitable for a wide range of individuals, including those with autism, stroke, or other special needs, as well as non-verbal kids and adults, those who are hospitalized and unable to speak, and those that just have a hard time speaking
  • Travel Bag -The Talker Buddy is lightweight, portable, and comes with a stylish travel bag, making it convenient to pack and communicate on the go, in school, in the car or take to therapy sessions and other activities.

Our Price:: $25.00
Dig It Up Dragon Eggs Dig It Up Dragon Eggs

Chip and chisel to release 12 fantastical creatures from their golden eggs. Learn about each one's mystical powers in the discovery guide. Simply soak the 3" egg in water and then carefully chisel away the shell to reveal the dragon inside. Included are one dozen individually-wrapped eggs, each with a chiseling tool and instructions, and an excavation guidebook for learning more about your dragon discoveries. This set also makes a great group or party activity! Assortment may vary.

Age Recommendation: Ages 4 and up

Our Price:: $26.95
Got Special Kids|Mini Classroom Fidget Bag Mini Classroom Fidget Bag 2.0

Great fidget bag to keep hands busy during study time.

Our Price:: $26.99
Got Special KIDS|American Occupational Therapy Association Toy Fidget Bag Special Fidget Bag

Show Special Bag - Order now online!

Our Price:: $39.75
For the Love of Tangles Bundle For the Love of Tangles Bundle

A Tangle Bundle of your favorite Tangles.

Our Price:: $46.99
Sale Price: $43.00
Savings: $3.99
Got-Special KIDS|Fidget & Focus Fun Bag Fidget & Focus Fun Bag

Add some fun to your study routine!

Our Price:: $44.00
Office Fidget Bundle Bag Office Fidget Bundle Bag

Perfect for the desk in any environment. Use as gifts for co-workers or desk displays.
Bundle includes:

Don't Stress Meowt Kitty (8032)
Rainbow Stretch Banana (1005)
Tangle Therapy (667)
Giant Bingsu Stress Ball (5103)
Funny Faces (4019)
Spiky Light Up Ball (4002)
Tangle Texture Fidget (3379)
Fidget Focus Ring (3925)

Our Price:: $45.00
Holiday Plush Bundle Holiday Plush Bundle

Enjoy the holidays with this soothing plush bundle. Ease tension and relax with these holiday helpers.
Senseez Plush Vibrating Pillow (3709)
Holiday Stuffed Brown Sloth (1014)
Long-Armed Holiday Character (1011)
Squeezy Bead Plush Holiday Ball (1026)
Senseez Hot/Cold Pack (3709)

Our Price:: $45.00
Sensory Blackout Play Tent Sensory Blackout Play Tent

  • The perfect de-sensitizing play tent. When your special someone is on a sensory overload this blackout tent can help ease the chaos.
  • 100% Polyester with full blackout coating
  • Full roll-up door with hook and loop closure
  • Our Super Poles are safety-coated to prevent splintering or shattering
  • Size: 58” x 58” x 46”

Our Price:: $53.00
Holiday Ultimate Chew Bundle Holiday Ultimate Chew Bundle

This bundle bag is a wonderful gift for the ultimate chewer in your family. 3 different levels of strength are present in this bundle making it worthy of any chewing habits.
Bundle includes:

Robotz Lanyard (3742)
Oval Chewelry Necklace (3189)
Chew Stixx Xtra Tough (3429)
Chewy Tube (2) (2769)
Strong Chew Tubes (2) (5692)

***Holiday gift bag included***

Our Price:: $65.00
Slam Dunk! FUN Bundle! Preschool Slam Dunk! FUN Bundle! Preschool

A perfect bundle to keep little fingers, bodies and minds engaged and learning new skills while having FUN!

Our Price:: $79.99
Sale Price: $74.00
Savings: $5.99
Sensory Reset Bundle - Young Adult Sensory Reset Bundle - Young Adult

A bundle filled with tools for a young adult to take a break and reset!

Our Price:: $88.00
Sale Price: $85.00
Savings: $3.00
Sensory Reset Bundle! - Elementary Sensory Reset Bundle! - Elementary

A bundle filled with tools needed to take a break and reset!

Our Price:: $92.25
Sale Price: $88.00
Savings: $4.25
Job Readiness Bundle! Middle/High School/Young Adult Job Readiness Bundle! Middle/High School/Young Adult

Learn exactly which behaviors employers value in their employees!

Our Price:: $89.99