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Wilbarger Therapressure Brush Wilbarger Therapressure Brush

Oval shaped sensory brush designed for the Wilbarger Protocol.

Our Price:: $3.99
Replacement Bands Steamroller Squeeze Machines Replacement Bands Steamroller Squeeze Machines

Replacement bands for Double Squeeze and Single Squeeze Steamrollers

Our Price:: $4.99
Hexagon Gel Lap Pads Hexagon Gel Lap Pads

Enables users to stay seated for longer.

Starting At: $21.95
Semi-Circle Gel Pad - 3 lbs Semi-Circle Gel Pad - 3 lbs

Semi-circle gel pad and fluffy cover.

Starting At: $21.99
Weighted Ball Cap

Our weighted ball cap provides sensory input through the head.

Our Price:: $21.99
Wrist Weights Wrist Weights

Weight bearing and strength building.

Our Price:: $22.98
Gel Weighted Lap Pad Gel Weighted Lap Pad

Calm "wiggles" with deep pressure

Starting At: $24.95
Got-Special KIDS | Quad Gel Pad Quad Gel Pad

Bright, touch-sensitive gel pads

Our Price:: $28.99
Calming Sensory Sack Calming Sensory Sack

Calming deep pressure input.

Starting At: $29.99
Comfy Sensory Body Sack

Our body sack offers plenty of sensory feedback.

Starting At: $36.99
Weighted Snake Puppet

Enhance concentration & calm the wiggles

Starting At: $36.99
Comfort Weighted Lap Pad - 4 lbs Comfort Weighted Lap Pad - 4 lbs

Promote calm without distraction

Our Price:: $39.95
Charlie the Weighted Bulldog

Cuddly Charlie loves to sit on young laps! Charlie comes in 2 sizes - 2 and 5 lbs.

Starting At: $39.95
Miracle Belt Miracle Belt

Promotes self-calming, balance, and body awareness.

Starting at: $49.95
Sensory Body Wrap

Use as a resistance tunnel or sensory sheet!

Our Price:: $51.99
Weighted Panda Bear Pal

Panda Pal is a calming companion and sensory support.

Our Price:: $59.98
Weighted Plush Turtle Weighted Plush Turtle

A weighted turtle that calms little ones craving proprioceptive input.

Our Price:: $59.98
Kids Comfy Compression Vests

Provides deep pressure input.

Our Price:: $59.99
Sensory Pea Pod Calming Station Sensory Pea Pod Calming Station

Velvety cocoon with deep pressure for calming comfort

Starting At: $65.49
Weighted Hug Me Vest The Weighted Hug Me Vest

Adjustable calming input and deep pressure!

Starting at: $73.99
Surface Weighted Blankets

Calming input for relaxation and focus!

Our Price:: $79.99
Bear Hug Vest with Optional Weights Bear Hug Vest with Optional Weights

Get a big bear hug with our deep pressure Bear Hug Vest.

Our Price:: $82.99
Comfort Weighted Blanket Comfort Weighted Blanket

Helps provide proprioceptive input

Starting At: $99.95
Co-Oper Blanket Co-Oper Blanket

Explore with others!

Our Price:: $159.00
The Squease Inflatable Vest The Squease Inflatable Vest

Squease is designed for people who have difficulties processing sensory input.

Starting At: $299.00
Snug Vest

Snug Vest is a therapeutic product for individuals with autism, sensory processing disorder or anxiety.

Our Price:: $365.00
Steamroller Squeeze Machine Steamroller Squeeze Machine

Experience a full body hug!

Starting At: $397.00
Hot Dog Roll-Up Hot Dog Roll-Up

Let the good times roll.

Our Price:: $399.00
Sensory Squeeze Lounger

The perfect squeeze therapy device!

Starting at: $2,359.00

Many children with a sensory processing disorder find relief from stress and anxiety through deep pressure sensory input. This type of pressure mimics feelings of being hugged and can be isolated to certain parts of the body such as the torso, arms or legs. Deep pressure input has been shown to significantly reduce tension in autistic kids and adults who experience high levels of arousal and anxiety, when incorporated regularly.

We carry a variety of deep pressure therapy items for autism including body wraps, sacks and weighted blankets to provide sensory input at home or on the go. We also carry the squeeze machine, which delivers customizable full-body pressure with the use of adjustable soft vinyl rollers.

If your child exhibits self-stimulatory behaviors and is easily distracted at home or school, we recommend trying a weighted vest. Weighted vests have been proven to decrease distractions and self-stimulating behaviors in children, and are an ideal compact solution for home, school or on the go. Our selection of compression clothing for autism also includes hats and belts.

Weighted sensory toys are great for anyone on the autism spectrum, those who have difficulties processing sensory input and those with anxiety. Give them the security of pressure and the ability to fidget with a soft toy they can take on errands, to the doctor's office or on vacation. Our sensory weighted toys include the snake puppet, teddy bears and other plush animals.

If your child responds well to sensory pressure, incorporating deep pressure activities into your daily routine can be a great way to encourage learning and bonding while still giving them the deep proprioceptive input they crave. Try having them carry and arrange weighted items such as colored beanbags in their hands or on their heads, use exercise bands and medicine balls for kicking, and encourage playtime in the sandbox. Running and jumping also offer sensory stimulation, and are a great way to get the wiggles out while setting a healthy foundation for a daily exercise routine.