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Got Special KIDS|Toddler Safety toothbrush by preventive dental specialties Toddler Safety Toothbrush

Soft bristles on one side and teething bumps on the other.

Our Price:: $2.49
Got Special KIDS|Bite-n-Clean Turtle Toothbrush Bite-n-Clean Turtle Toothbrush

Turtle is double bristled for brushing upper and lower teeth simultaneously!

Our Price:: $3.99

The importance of dental hygiene cannot be understated. Dental health extends far beyond white teeth or a nice smile. The health of gums and teeth is directly linked to a person's overall physical and mental wellbeing.

Heart Health
The mouth is full of bacteria. No matter how often you brush or rinse, bacteria is present on your gums and teeth. And that's actually not a bad thing; bacteria are a vital component of your overall health, too. But when there's too much of a good thing, or bad bacteria are introduced and not properly controlled, the mouth can become the perfect environment for tooth decay and gum disease.
Because your mouth is connected to the rest of you via a plethora of blood vessels, any harmful bacteria living there can easily travel to other parts of your body. The heart is particularly susceptible to harmful bacteria from the mouth. Exposure can lead to endocarditis, a dangerous infection of the heart lining that can become life-threatening. Additionally, there appears to be a moderate correlation poor oral health and coronary heart disease. Because of this, dental hygiene is critical.

Pregnancy Health
Pregnancy may be a long way away for your child today, but if you're setting her up to live a fully independent life, it could be in her future. Whether your child has some motor difficulties or you're simply looking to provide her with the tools she needs to learn early independence, establishing good oral hygiene early on may also prevent her from pregnancy complications later in life.

Social Health
Whether your child is differently abled or not, he or she will likely struggle socially at some point. As kids grow up, it's completely natural for them to feel out of place, anxious or maladjusted at times. For most people, this period of life is transitional, and setting your child up with the right tools will help him or her navigate successfully through this uncomfortable time.
Oral care is a cornerstone component of your child's social wellbeing. As we communicate with others, our mouths are heavily involved in the process - whether we speak or not. Poor dental hygiene can significantly hinder confident interactions on both ends, making everything from establishing friendships to securing a job more difficult.

At Got-SpecialKids, our goal is to help parents, teachers and therapists gain the right tools and knowledge to give kids the best advantages in life. In addition to products like our toothbrushes, we offer a wide range of other tools, games and activities designed to engage kids, instill confidence, and grow important skills. This includes skills such as motor development, math and reading as well as those all-important social skills that'll help them to lead successfully independent lives when the time comes.