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Fidget Assortment Bags for School, OT & More

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Got Special KIDS|Grab & Go Fidget Bag Grab & Go Fidget Bag

Handy, On-the-Go Quiet Fidget Bag!

Our Price:: $19.99
Got Special KIDS|Mini Classroom Fidget Bag Mini Classroom Fidget Bag

Great fidget bag to keep hands busy during study time.

Our Price:: $20.99
Got Special Kids|Mini Classroom Fidget Bag Mini Classroom Fidget Bag 2.0

Great fidget bag to keep hands busy during study time.

Our Price:: $23.49
Got Special KIDS|American Occupational Therapy Association Toy Fidget Bag Special Fidget Bag

Show Special at 2019 AOTA Conference - Order now online!

Our Price:: $24.95
Got Special KIDS|Quiet Fidget Bag 2.0 Quiet Fidget Bag 2.0

Quiet tactile sensory input that travels where you do! Great take-along!

Our Price:: $27.99
Got Special KIDS|OT Fidget Bag OT Fidget Bag

11 great fidgets!

Our Price:: $33.95
Got-Special KIDS|Fidget & Focus Fun Bag Fidget & Focus Fun Bag

Add some fun to your study routine!

Our Price:: $41.99
Got Special Kids|Teen & Young Adult Fidget Bag Teen & Young Adult Fidget Bag

Tactile and sensory input in a bag to go!

Our Price:: $44.95
Got Special KIDS|Classroom Fidget Bag Classroom Fidget Bag 2.0

A great fidget bag to keep restless hands occupied during study time

Our Price:: $74.95

We specialize in toys, games and other products for special needs parents, teachers and occupational therapists. You'll also find a wide assortment of small items for focus and learning throughout our site, including here.

Our fidget bags are an easy grab-and-go solution for parents, occupational therapists and anyone else who provides care for a child, teen or adult with a sensory processing disorder such as autism. Fidget toys help to provide small amounts of sensory input, particularly in situations where distractions are high. Kids and adults find focus fidgets helpful in situations where listening, reading or sitting still are required.

By using a fidget to provide sensory input, the user is able to improve his or her concentration on important tasks while filtering out excess information. Whether at work, in the classroom, during group circle or in therapy, a fidget can be a highly valuable tool for both teacher and student.

Shop our selection of quiet and engaging fidget bags to help keep restless hands occupied at school, to provide interesting visual or tactile sensory input in new places, as part of occupational therapy to help improve coordination and fine motor skills or simply to take along on car rides. We've selected our best and most popular products when creating these bags so you can shop with confidence.