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Proactive Learning Toys & Games for Babies & Toddlers 0-3 Years

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Got Special KIDS|Cloud B Sleep Sheep Cloud B Sleep Sheep

Cuddly sheep plays 8 soothing sounds.

Our Price:: $34.99
Bendable Sock Monkey 4" Bendable Sock Monkey 4"

These classic Sock Monkeys are a fun bendable toy that anyone would love to have! You can have them do whatever it is that sock monkeys do! This monkey character features a rubbery texture for easy bending and twisting. The Sock Monkey stands about 4 inches tall. These are great on their own, but would love to be kept in a set.

Single - $1.99 | Set of 3 - $5.00

Our Price:: $1.99
Got Special KIDS|What Z'it What' Zit Fish

Multi colored to be moved into endless configurations!

Our Price:: $4.99
Got Special KIDS|Original Toy Company Mini Super Hero Fidget Mini Super Hero Fidget

A ready-to-go fidget that keeps young hands busy!

Our Price:: $5.00
Playvisions - Mini Slide Show Playvisions - Mini Slide Show

Mini Projector with 3 discs for a total of 24 images to view. Use without disc as a great little flash light. Batteries Included. Available in Galactic Slide Show or Sealife Slide Show.

Our Price:: $5.00
Playvisions - Squishy Morph Fish Playvisions - Squishy Morph Fish

Filled with sand that allows the figures to stretch and remain in their elongated shape. Can be shaped and reformed to original size and shape. 7" in size. Assorted fish: Clown Fish, Blue Tang Fish.

Our Price:: $6.00
Squeeze Me Chicken Novelty Toy Squeeze Me Chicken Novelty Toy

The Squeeze Rubber Chicken is funny to look at and squawks when squeezed. It's the perfect gift for anyone who loves novelty toys.

Product Features

  • Squawks when squeezed.
  • Approx. height: 30.5 cm (12")
  • Assorted colors selected at random.
  • Material: Made from durable rubber.

Our Price:: $6.99
Briarpatch - The world of Eric Carle - Alphabet Go Fish Briarpatch - The world of Eric Carle - Alphabet Go Fish

Go fish! This card game is great for teaching early learners concepts, decision making, and problem solving.Great Family Fun. Teach little ones fair play, while having fun with family.

Our Price:: $8.75
Got Special KIDS|Toy Dimpl Fat Brain - Toy Dimpl

Little fingers can not resist!

Our Price:: $12.95
Got Special KIDS| GO AWAY Monster!! Preschool game GO AWAY Monster!!

The Game Where Little Kids Get Rid of the Monsters for Good!

Our Price:: $14.99
Shape Sorter Shape Sorter

Shape Sorter

Our Price:: $14.99
Edushape - Rainbow Soft Ball Edushape - Rainbow Soft Ball

Rainbow Soft Ball

Our Price:: $16.99
Got Special KIDS|3-D Squeezable Sensory Shapes w/ Bumps for Fine Motor Skills Hedstrom Sensory Shapes - 6 Pack

Vibrant colors and knobby surfaces capture interest and hearts!

Our Price:: $17.75
Got Special KIDS|Pull Along Pals - Inky by Fat Brain Toy Co. Fat Brain Pull Along Pals - Inky

A cleverly crawling sea critter!

Our Price:: $19.95
Got Special KIDS!|Edushape Xylophone Edushape Xylophone

Fun and Easy to use!

Our Price:: $19.99
Edushape - Counting Pull A Pup Edushape - Counting Pull A Pup

Counting Puppy. Pull Along

Our Price:: $20.99
Fat Brain Toys Dizzy Bees Fat Brain Toys Dizzy Bees

The three bees connect magnetically to stack atop the reversible honeycomb base. Spin them, wobble them, and then pull them apart to explore each one.
The textured silicone wings fascinate the fingers while bright colors and big friendly eyes send the imagination soaring.

  • Set of magnetic bees to stack, spin, and explore
  • Encourages fine motor skills, sensory learning, tactile discovery, imaginative play
  • Stack the bees atop the honeycomb base
  • Wings and faces made of soft 100% food-grade silicone
  • Bodies made of sturdy ABS plastic
  • Includes 3 bees, honeycomb base
  • Bees each measure 4 x 1.75 x 2.25 inches
  • BPA-Free - Fully safety tested
  • High-quality materials and construction - Lasting durability
  • Our Price:: $21.95
    Got Special KIDS!|Edushape Magna Blocks Red Riding Hood Edushape Magna Blocks Red Riding Hood

    Rewarding imaginative play

    Our Price:: $21.99
    Got Special KIDS!|Edushape Magna Blocks Pirate Edushape Magna Blocks Pirate

    Rewarding imaginative play

    Our Price:: $21.99
    Got Special KIDS!|Edushape Counting Pull A Pup Edushape Counting Pull A Pup

    Counting fun for little ones.

    Our Price:: $21.99
    Got Special Kids|Fat Brain Whirly Squigz Large & Colorful Fidget Spinners for Toddlers Fat Brain Whirly Squigz - Fun Little Spinners

    Sensory exploration spins in a new direction with Whirly Squigz.

    Our Price:: $22.70
    Got Special KIDS!|Edushape Baby’s Music Carnival Edushape Baby's Music Carnival

    Four bright and colorful instruments

    Our Price:: $26.99
    Got Special KIDS| Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game

    A fun game that builds strategic thinking, hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and pre-handwriting skills while using the squeezer!

    Our Price:: $27.95
    Got Special KIDS|SpinAgain Fat Brain Toys Spin Again

    It's a stacking toy with a spin—literally!

    Our Price:: $29.99
    Got Special KIDS!|Edushape Puppet Playland Edushape Puppet Playland

    A fun & lovable puppet that travels

    Our Price:: $29.99
    Got Special KIDS|Cloud B Peaceful Panda Cloud B Peaceful Panda

    Giant hugs and peaceful sounds will soothe your little one into serene slumber

    Our Price:: $31.99
    Got Special KIDS|Cloud B Frankie The Fox Cloud B Frankie The Fox

    Cuddly fox plays 8 soothing sounds.

    Our Price:: $34.99
    Super Duper 4 Kid Play Tent Pacific Play Super Duper 4 Kid Play Tent

    Great for hours of imaginative play.

    Our Price:: $39.99
    Got Special KIDS|Cloud B Tranquil Turtle Cloud B Tranquil Turtle

    Soothing ocean sights and sounds

    Our Price:: $43.99
    Got Special KIDS!|Edushape Play & Sound Mat Edushape Play & Sound Mat

    Unique Sensory Play mat!

    Our Price:: $49.99

    The first three years of life are a time for incredible growth and development. During this time, an infant experiences rapid physical, social, cognitive and emotional changes. Supporting your child during this period of life is critical, and we recommend that all parents engage with their children as early as possible to help support their brain development, build the foundations of all future learning and work through challenging behaviors as they arise. Many children meet milestones at different rates, so it's important to have a healthy set of expectations for your baby and toddler. While some outward signs such as excessive crying or delayed speech may be a telltale sign of a developmental delay, these could also simply be a normal part of his or her development.

    We support a mindful and compassionate approach to neurodivergence, and understand that everyone can function at their own pace and on various paths. There isn't one correct approach to problem-solving, critical thinking or learning, however, having the right tools at your disposal can significantly improve your chances of success. Give your child the gift of confidence, fundamental critical thinking, and the stepping stones for the fine motor skills they'll need to be as independent as possible in life; the right product is one that allows them to discover the world in a safe, fun and engaging way while connecting with you in the process.

    We offer a wide variety of products designed specifically for babies in the 0-3 range. These products are non-toxic for exploring mouths, easy to grasp for small hands, colorful, captivating and fun to experiment with. Buy toys that stack, toys you can count and sort, toys that are soft or bumpy, toys that help with dexterity and balance, and so much more!