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Educational Presents for 6 to 8 Year Olds

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Got Special KIDS|Juke 24 Portable Jukebox Juke 24 Portable Jukebox

Juke 24 lets you listen to your favorite songs, stories, lessons at the touch of a button, as often as you want!

Our Price:: $89.99
Got Special KIDS| Have fun stretching with Yoga Dice! Thinkfun Yoga Dice

Fun game of rolling and posing.

Our Price:: $14.95
Got Special KIDS|Eeboo 2-4 Player Time Telling Game for Kids Ages 5 & Up Eeboo - Time Telling Game

Well-designed game will get kids up to speed on telling time!

Our Price:: $18.29
Got Special KIDS|Eeboo Fun & Engaging Travel Games w/ Four Pencils - Ages 5+ Eeboo - Travel Games

Tons of fun for kids and adults!

Our Price:: $12.99
Got Special Kids| Unicorn Bubble Pop Sensory Fidget Unicorn Bubble Pop Sensory Fidget

Unicorn Sensory Fidget!

Our Price:: $2.99
Sale Price: $1.75
Savings: $1.24
3" Galaxy Fidget Spinner 3" Galaxy Fidget Spinner

The 3" fidget that everyone fell in love with is back. Now in an out-of-this-world galaxy pattern. How about giving the galaxy a spin! Spin the fidget and watch it go around and around, to help relieve stress and anxiety. Great fidget for focus!


Our Price:: $2.50

Sticky, squishy textured and filled with beads, these dinosaur balls make perfect stress-relieving or fidget toys for everyone. These 3.5-inch balls come in an assortment of two different colors to choose from or collect both. Each piece is individually wrapped in a poly bag and 12 pieces come in a display box making it easy to add to any store counter-top.

Ages 8+

Our Price:: $2.99
Got Special KIDS|Loopeez & Loopeez Jr. are Sized for easy gripping and fine motor practice. The fidget toy that stimulates, and reduces stress Loopeez

The fidget toy that stimulates, and reduces stress!

Starting at: $3.50
Sale Price: $3.00
Savings: $0.50
Soft Squishy Peanut Soft Squishy Peanut

6" Squish Peanuts. Soft squishy peanut. Very soft foam material. Easy to squeeze but slow to rise. Collect all 3.

Warning: ** Warning Choking and Suffocation. Not recommended for infants or toddlers**

Available in Pink, Yellow and Blue.

Our Price:: $3.25
Light Up Happy Ball Light Up Happy Ball

These small hand sized, vinyl balls have a smiley face and light up when they are bounced. Light up that smile!

Our Price:: $3.25
Mondo Neon Inside-Out Ball Mondo Neon Inside-Out Ball

Small stress ball. Soft.

Our Price:: $4.25
Toysmith - Paw Putty Toysmith - Paw Putty

Keep your kiddy's busy with this "pawsitively" adorable container of slime. The lil paw is filled with 2oz of glittery goopy slime in assorted colors.
Ages 5+

Our Price:: $4.75
Got Special Kids| Jacob's Ladder Jacob's Ladder

Timeless optical illusion to enchant and confound children and adults alike!

Our Price:: $4.99
YoBaby Pop Fidget YoBaby Pop Fidget

Pop Toy

Our Price:: $4.99
Playvisions - Mini Slide Show Playvisions - Mini Slide Show

Mini Projector with 3 discs for a total of 24 images to view. Use without disc as a great little flash light. Batteries Included. Available in Galactic Slide Show or Sealife Slide Show.

Our Price:: $5.00
StikBot Mixed Colors StikBot Stop Motion Animation Figures

StikBot Stop Motion Animation Figures

StikBot is an innovative line of collectible figures designed for imaginative play and fostering creativity through stop-motion animation.
StikBots are pose-able action figures that will adhere to almost any smooth flat surface, thanks to their suction-cup hands and feet. Their clever design allows StikBots to be posed in so many different ways - their limbs, torso, and even neck can be positioned almost any way you can imagine! StikBots are ridiculously fun and extremely addictive, so play with caution! They are more than just cute loveable pose-able action figures; StikBots are one of the first ever social sharing toys on the market.

Six mixed colors - collect them all!

Our Price:: $5.00
Got Special KIDS|Stress-Less Gel Balls Stress-Less Gel Ball

Strengthen hands and fingers with this fun to squeeze gel ball.

Our Price:: $5.50
Toysmith - Sproing Ball Toysmith - Sproing Ball

See how high you can make it bounce. The Sproing Ball is wrapped in gears to keep you working, to bounce higher each time. Colorful interlocking 3" gears. Fun Play!
Ages 3+

Our Price:: $5.50
Got Special KIDS|Kwik Stix Kwik Stix

Paint sticks that dry in 90 seconds.

Starting at: $5.99
Got Special KIDS|Sensory Noodles - Set of 5 Stretchy String Fidgets Monkey Noodles - Set of 5 Stretchy String Fidgets

Stretch, pull, twirl, wrap and squeeze them!

Our Price:: $8.99
Sale Price: $6.25
Savings: $2.74
Got Special KIDS|Mini Squee-Z-Bubs Bubbles Mini Squee-Z-Bubs Bubbles

Cute little bubble critters!

Our Price:: $6.25
Klikbot Heroes and Villains KlikBot Heroes and Villains

KlikBot Heroes and Villains

Our Price:: $6.50
Catch Ball Game Catch Ball Game

Catch Ball

Our Price:: $6.99
Got Special KIDS|3-D Pin Art in Fun Colors for Kids | Interactive Pin Sculpture Pin Art Game - Neon

Express yourself with changing art!

Our Price:: $7.49
Squeeze Me Chicken Novelty Toy Squeeze Me Chicken Novelty Toy

The Squeeze Rubber Chicken is funny to look at and squawks when squeezed. It's the perfect gift for anyone who loves novelty toys.

Product Features

  • Squawks when squeezed.
  • Approx. height: 30.5 cm (12")
  • Assorted colors selected at random.
  • Material: Made from durable rubber.

Our Price:: $7.75
Got Special Kids|4-Inch Therapy, Learn & Play Thumb Ball Game Thumballs for Social Learning - 4-Inch Therapy, Learn & Play Game

More than a ball! Throw it! Catch it! Respond to the panel under your thumb.

Our Price:: $8.00
Create A Sceneâ„¢ BUGS Create A Scene Magnetic BUGS

Magnetic BUG Fun!

Our Price:: $8.99
Got Special KIDS|Create A Scene Magnetic Enchanted Sea Create A Scene Enchanted Sea

Magnetic Fun!

Our Price:: $8.99
Got Special KIDS|Create A Scene Magnetic Construction Site Create A Scene Magnetic Construction Site

Magnetic Fun!

Our Price:: $8.99
Got Special KIDS|Create A Scene Firefighters Create A Scene Firefighters

Magnetic Fun!

Our Price:: $8.99

Children in first and second grade experience incredible life transitions. During this time, many children start to have a more evident sense of self and begin to pay closer attention to where they fit into the framework of their lives. Being accepted by friends becomes more important as the need for independence grows. Children at this age seek autonomy and have some concept of the future, which now already governs some of their decision making.
No matter what your child's developmental status, by offering up play time, active participation and patience as a regular part of your routine, you'll be able to give your child the biggest advantage he could ask for.

We offer a range of fun and educational learning toys, games and fidgets. We specialize in fun and functional sensory gifts for autistic boys and girls, and offer products for all age groups and skill levels. Our learning toys for KG include imaginative play games, stacking and matching games, toys to improve dexterity and so much more.

No matter the milestone, recognizing your child's accomplishments will help to build her confidence and trust in the world around her. These are both vital cornerstones of a successful transition toward independence; by providing a safe, risk free environment for her to fail in, she'll be able to feel encouraged even if things don't go according to plan.

Giving your child additional responsibilities at home such as setting the table or putting away laundry provides a sense of accomplishment and pride. Chores at home also create a sense of belonging and will allow you to connect with one another over conversation. Talk with your child about school, friends and any problems she feels like she's facing. Validating her fears and offering achievable solutions will create a sense of pride that grows over time to become an invaluable foundation for the life ahead of her.
Browse our selection to discover unique gift ideas for boys and girls in first and second grade now.