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Occupational Therapy Balls for Balance & More

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Mondo Neon Inside - Out Ball Mondo Neon Inside - Out Ball

Small stress ball. Soft.

Our Price:: $4.25
Got Special KIDS| Instant Stress Ball Aqua Squisheez - Instant Stress Ball

Stressed out? Just add water! Place this 2.5 inch hollow ball in water and in 10 minutes you will have a 4 inch ball that is soft and squishy and will melt all of your worries away! Instant stress reliever. Fun for all ages.

Our Price:: $4.99
Relaxus - Sensoflex Squeeze Stress Balls Relaxus - Sensoflex Squeeze Stress Balls

The Sensoflex Squeeze Stress Ball provides sensory stimulation and improves dexterity while relieving anxiety, tension, and fidgety nerves.

Product Features

  • Helps relieve tension and stress.
  • Improve dexterity.
  • Tactile stimulation.
  • Increase grip strength.

Our Price:: $5.99
Mondo Marble Ball Mondo Marble Ball

Colorful Giant Soft Marble Ball. Looks like a marble, but squeeze for a irresistibly soft feel. Stress support for those with busy hands.

Recommended for Kids 3+

Our Price:: $9.50
Got Special Kids | Jumbo Stress Balls 2 Pack Jumbo Size Stress Balls

Jumbo Stress Ball - 2 Pack

Our Price:: $17.99
Got Special KIDS|18" Hoppy Ball with Pump 18" Hoppy Ball with Pump

Promote balance coordination, and develop core strength while having fun!

Our Price:: $20.24
Got Special KIDS|Inflatable Exercise & Therapy Balls in Various Sizes Exercise and Therapy Balls with Pump

Fun and therapeutic!

Starting At: $23.99
Got Special Kids |Yuk-E  Balls | Heavy Gel-Filled Balls for Proprioceptive Input Yuk-E- Medicine Balls

Tactile, weighted and irresistible!

Starting At: $24.50
Got Special KIDS|Bouncy Band Balance Ball - No Roll Weighted Seat (55cm) Bouncy Band Balance Ball - No Roll Weighted Seat (55cm)

Builds core strength and a healthy posture!

Our Price:: $26.99
Got Special KIDS|Bouncy Band Balance Ball - No Roll Weighted Seat (55cm) Bouncy Band Balance Ball - No Roll Weighted Seat (65cm)

Builds core strength and a healthy posture!

Our Price:: $29.99
Got Special KIDS|CanDo Inflatable Sensory Saddle Rolls CanDo Peanut Inflatable Sensory Saddle Rolls

Our Sensory Saddle is textured with a "nubby" surface which provides tactile stimulation to active seating and ball therapy routines.

Starting at: $40.99
Got Special KIDS|Saddle Therapy Rolls CanDo Saddle Therapy Rolls

Easier to control than exercise balls.

Starting At: $42.95
Got Special KIDS|Stay N Place Ball Stay N Place Ball

Balance and coordination without rolling away!

Our Price:: $47.75
Got Special KIDS|Therapy Ball Chair Therapy Ball Chair

Active seating at its best!

Starting At: $92.99

Squishy and bouncy balls can be used in a variety of ways to provide therapy and everyday support for your child. For example, sitting on a bouncy ball has been shown to improve behavior, focus and legible handwriting in students with ADHD.
A posture ball is also a wonderful solution for anyone with excess physical energy or for those who crave tactile stimulation. Children who crave additional sensory input can benefit from the stimulation they receive while sitting and bouncing on a ball at school or while engaging with a parent or therapist. Of course, as the name implies, these posture balls are also an excellent tool to help improve trunk strength, coordination, balance. For beginners who are still learning to balance, we carry a selection of saddle-style inflatable therapy balls that won’t budge or topple over easily.

Finally, providing proprioceptive input by pushing balls away or resting balls on the body increases spatial awareness. For this purpose, we carry weighted therapy. Catching, throwing, rolling or kicking these balls also helps to improve dexterity.