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Got Special Kids | The Build and Balance Obstacle Set allows children to create courses and landscapes that will be challenging and fun. Gonge Build N' Balance Set

Combine parts to make obstacle courses and challenging balance activities!

Starting at: $299.99
Got Special KIDS|Children's Factory Butterfly Climber Children's Factory Butterfly Climber

A friendly butterfly children can climb all over!

Our Price:: $379.00
Got Special KIDS| Have fun stretching with Yoga Dice! Thinkfun Yoga Dice

Fun game of rolling and posing.

Our Price:: $12.95
Got Special KIDS|Tangle Mini LED Motion Activated NightBall Tangle Mini NightBall

Light up the night with Mini Night Ball!

Our Price:: $4.49
Got Special KIDS|Bouncy Bands for MS & HS Bouncy Bands for MS & HS

Students love being able to wiggle while they work!

Our Price:: $14.29
Got Special Kids | Super Magnetic Thinking Putty Crazy Aaron's Super Magnetic Thinking Putty with Magnet

Thinking putty with amazing magnetic properties.

Our Price:: $14.95
Got Special KIDS|Scooter Board with Handles Scooter Board with Handles

Rugged scooters for hours of action!

Starting At: $15.00
Got Special Kids |Yuk-E  Balls | Heavy Gel-Filled Balls for Proprioceptive Input Yuk-E- Medicine Balls

Tactile, weighted and irresistible!

Starting At: $15.50
Got Special KIDS|Croc 'n' Roll Interactive Electronic Game Croc 'n' Roll Interactive Electronic Game

Dodge the crazy croc!

Our Price:: $15.99
Got Special KIDS|18" Hoppy Ball with Pump 18" Hoppy Ball with Pump

Promote balance coordination, and develop core strength while having fun!

Our Price:: $18.49
Got Special Kids | 6-Foot Kid's Rope Ladder w/ Wooden Rungs - Max Weight 105lb Climbing Rope Ladder

Rope ladder provides endless fun!

Our Price:: $22.99
Got Special KIDS|Thera-Band Pro Stability Balls - Available in Sm, Med, Lg & XLg Thera-Band Pro Stability Ball

Slow deflation, burst resistant & enhanced performance!

Starting at: $23.99
Got Special KIDS|Ideal Pop Pong Ideal Pop Pong

Button Bashing Fun!

Our Price:: $24.99
Got Special KIDS|Spring N' Score Bounce Ball Ball Game Spring N' Score Bounce Ball Game

Fun but challenging target game!

Our Price:: $26.99
Teeter Popper Teeter Popper

Teeter Poppers Active Play

Our Price:: $39.50
Got Special KIDS|CanDo Inflatable Sensory Saddle Rolls CanDo Inflatable Sensory Saddle Rolls

Our Sensory Saddle is textured with a "nubby" surface which provides tactile stimulation to active seating and ball therapy routines.

Starting at: $40.99
Got Special KIDS|Spooner Board Freestyle Balance Board Spooner Freestyle Balance Board

Develop balance while having fun!

Our Price:: $42.49
Got Special KIDS|Textured Stepping Stone Textured Stepping Stone Set of 6

Take the balance challenge!

Our Price:: $44.99
Got Special KIDS|Gonge Island  Set of 2 Gonge Island Set of 2

Step into coordination, balance and fun!

Our Price:: $48.49
Got Special KIDS|Yuck-E-Balls, 3-1/2 Inches, Assorted Colors, Set of 6 Yuk-E-Balls, 3-1/2 Inches, Assorted Colors, Set of 6

Yuk-E-Balls provide kinesthetic feedback, a very versatile therapy tool & squishy fun!

Our Price:: $53.90
Got Special Kids|Pacific Play Tents see You Tunnel 9 Ft. Pacific Play Institutional 9-Ft Children's Obstacle Course See-You Tunnel

Kids love wiggling through this tunnel!

Our Price:: $64.99
Got Special KIDS|Gonge Seesaw provides hours of active play and gross motor skill development Gonge Seesaw

Active play that builds coordination and balance!

Our Price:: $64.99
Got Special KIDS|Fold & Go Portable Trampoline Fold & Go Portable Trampoline

A must for any sensory diet.

Our Price:: $74.99
Got Special Kids | River Stone features a soft base and a hard top platform supported by three strong steel springs to enable bouncing, which requires adjustment through the child's ankles and legs, making it a more challenging activity than simply Gonge Riverstones

Step into coordination, balance and fun!

Our Price:: $74.99
Gonge River Set of 6 Gonge River Set of 6

Step into coordination, balance and fun!

Our Price:: $77.99
Got Special KIDS|Pacific Play Institutional 9 Ft. Tunnel - Blue Pacific Play Institutional 9 Ft. Tunnel - Blue/Red & Blue/Blue

Kids love crawling through this tunnel of fun!

Our Price:: $79.99
Got Special KIDS|Original Toy company Fold & Go Trampoline Deluxe Deluxe Fold & Go Trampoline

New design for easy storage!

Our Price:: $87.99
Got Special KIDS| Pacific Play Tents Geo Tunnel is excellent for muscle and motor skill development in toddlers and children. Pacific Play Tent - Super Sensory GEO 9Ft Tunnel

This tent is the life of the party!

Our Price:: $94.50
Got Special KIDS|Resistance Tunnel 9 ft long Resistance Tunnel 9 ft long

Kids love this stretchy tunnel.

Our Price:: $95.99
Got Special KIDS|Go Go Roller with Handles Gonge Go Go Roller with Handles

Practice coordination on this easy roller.

Our Price:: $109.00
Got Special Kids | Gonge Tactile Discs - Tactile Stepping Stones. Make a path or par course with our multi tactile discs. Great indoor and out. Non skidding and soft on the feet. Gonge Tactile Discs

Inviting tactile discs

Starting At: $109.99
Got Special KIDS|Children's Sturdy Crash Pad for Jumping & Lounging + Nylon Cover Crash Pad

Strong for play and soft for rest.

Starting At: $112.50

Most of us don't think about how our body relates to other objects around us; we take a step, pick up a glass or hop onto our beds confidently because we've done these things enough to make them second nature. The proprioceptive system is active whether we're backing a car out of a driveway or we're picking up a bag we know could be heavy - even if we don't know exactly how much it weighs. This system enables us to understand our bodies, from the muscle strength required to which directions our joints should move. There aren't many everyday activities that wouldn't utilize proprioceptive input, which is why it's so important to help develop it when it's not working as intended.

There are several reasons why proprioception might be impaired in a person later in life, but some people experience difficulties interpreting input correctly right from the start. Children with ASD and other developmental disorders are particularly susceptible to encountering everyday challenges with sensory input and integration.
Our sensory integration toys incorporate movements are perfect for young children challenged by navigating their own body and personal space, whether it’s from too much or too little stimuli.

Some children seek sensory stimulation while others avoid it, but each plays an important role in development. We offer a mix of individual and group activities, both for indoor and outdoor fun. Browse stability balls, agility ladders, strength trainers, and more so you can discover the perfect tools for your child’s needs.

Our proprioceptive input toys such as medicine balls are designed to help kids understand relative positioning of their body and its parts. Some of our more elaborate options, such as the Jump Circle, are ideal for improving strength, coordination, and balance, but these can also be used as a group activity for social experience. Products like the Mini Stilts enhance motor skills, balance, and coordination. We offer a large selection of sensory tunnels and rockers meant to promote imagination, develop muscle strength, and improve senses. These toys help to calm children, introduce them to more stimuli, and teach them cooperative interaction.