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Crash Pads & Ball Pits for Sensory Therapy and Fun

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Got Special Kids |Air-Lite Ball Pit A multi-sensory play escape and adventure for all kids to enjoy alone or with friends. Air-Lite Ball Pit

An inflatable multi-sensory environment!

Our Price:: $314.99

Diving into a sea of colored balls is fun and entertaining, but for children with sensory disorders, a ball pit can provide so much more. Ball pits and crash pads serve two purposes in a sensory environment: they can be stimulating or soothing.

Ball pits allow children to let their imagination fly, creating wondrous environments that can be just as fascinating as calming. Crashing into a soft padded space or ball pit provides deep-pressure sensations and proprioceptive feedback, allowing children to have their sensory needs met whether they enjoy the feeling or pressure or weightlessness. Our crash pits contain plenty of cushioning, even when empty. Each pit features a four-inch thick base mat so you can confidently let your kids crash and burn in their favorite landing spot.

A crash pad is an invaluable tool for special needs homes, schools or therapy offices. Help them develop better fine motor skills, improve visual tracking and provide plenty of tactile feedback. Fill your crash pad with bright balls to entice children to explore through sight and touch or use the pit with a crash cloud.