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Multi-Sensory Room Wall & Floor Panels

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Got Special KIDS|Surfloor Sensory  Liquid Floor Tiles - 12" X 12" Surfloor Sensory Liquid Floor Tiles - 12" X 12"

Color, design, and play combine into one sensory experience .

Our Price:: $19.95
Got Special KIDS|Surfloor Liquid Tiles Surfloor Sensory Liquid Floor Tiles - 20" x 20"

Color, design, and play combine into one sensory experience .

Our Price:: $29.95
Got Special KIDS|24 x 24-Inch Shatter-Resistant Mirror w/ Colorful Soft Edges Soft Frame Mirror

Creative play with reflective learning!

Our Price:: $154.00
Got Special KIDS|Bubble Wall Calming Zen Bubble Wall

Relax with streams of illuminated bubbles!

Our Price:: $335.00
Sensory Marble Panel Sensory Marble Panel

Visual, tactile and aural sensory input!

Starting At: $999.00

We carry a wide range of products that provide many different types of sensory input. Our sensory panels offer visual, auditory and tactile feedback.
Much like a large interactive puzzle, our sensory boards allow children to learn, play and relax all at once. Each panel offers an interesting experience that's designed to teach children valuable skills.

We know and believe that the best road to your child's success is one paved with plenty of opportunities for fun and exploration. With LED fibers, moving gears, mirrors, bells, musical instruments and so much more, the sensory board is one of the most versatile sensory room products available.

Interactions with mirrors can begin early on in a child's life. Babies love looking at themselves in the mirror, and although they're certainly not aware of it, doing so helps them grow a range of physical and cognitive abilities. Looking in the mirror fosters a child's curiosity and improves focus and eye tracking. A mirror can also add to facial recognition, and important tool for social development.
For kids with autism, the benefits of mirror play can be just as important. Letting children explore their curiosity is great at any age and for any ability, and provides valuable information about expressions and communication. In addition, kids and adults on the autism spectrum are often fascinated with the unique visual aspects of mirrors; for example, how they can skew information at different angles.

Our selection of sensory wall panels also includes portable floor tiles and for hours of mesmerizing fun. Each tile is filled with non-toxic colored liquid to create wonderful impressions when touched or stepped on. These tiles are carefully designed to keep them from bursting or slipping, making them a safe option for kids of all ages and sizes.