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Got Special KIDS|Zen Moonlight Mood Lamp Zen Moonlight Mood Lamp

View the soft light and enchanting presence of the moon!

Our Price:: $25.99
Got Special Kids | Hanging Pumpkin Chair with Stand Patterns Hanging Pumpkin Chair with Stand - Patterns

New patterns for our favorite Pumpkin Chair!

Our Price:: $599.99
Got Special KIDS|Spring N' Score Bounce Ball Ball Game Spring N' Score Bounce Ball Game

Fun but challenging target game!

Our Price:: $26.99
Got Special KIDS|Edushape Colorbits Balls kid favorite spiky sensory balls Edushape Colorbits Balls

Spiky sensory balls with a translucent outer shell and tumbling colorbits confetti

Our Price:: $15.49

We're always stocking new products, and that's because we know how important it is to stay on the forefront of innovation for special needs. Our selection of products reflects a proactive approach to parenting, teaching and special needs therapy. We believe that all kids, no matter their age or abilities, can greatly benefit from toys, games and other products that'll play to their strengths and encourage them to have fun.
It's through fun that kids learn the most. When children are engaged in enjoyment, their confidence grows and they absorb more information.

At Got-SpecialKids, we aim to promote an inclusive approach to learning. We want to foster success so all children can grow up to reach their full potential, and we curate our selection of products based on that concept.

Our new products vary greatly, but may include products for the classroom, products for occupational therapy, learning toys and games, balancing activities, fidgets and more. A well-rounded approach to learning and sensory integration is recommended with all individuals, whether your kids struggle with sensory processing, learning, physical milestones or verbal skills.
Giving children a head start in life with the right tools will set them up for greater success in the future. Each new accomplishment becomes a stepping stone on which another life skill can be built - all essential building blocks of an independent and successful life.