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Extra-Tough Oral Motor Chewables for Kids

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Got Special Kids|Chewy Chew Stixx comes in 7 fun flavors for extra oral sensory input. Chew Stixx helps kids and teens with autism, ADHD, and other special needs focus. Chewy Chew Stixx - Flavored

Flavored chews for extra interest and input!

Our Price:: $8.50
Zipper Zilla| Got-Special KIDS ChuBuddy Zipper Zilla

Zipper Zilla Junior keeps your Zilla available everytime you zip up your jacket!

Zilla tubes are MADE IN THE USA from an FDA certified TPZ plastic

Zipper Zilla is always ready and available for use whenever the need arises.

Chew Factor 3.0
Available in Red and Blue: specify in Order Notes at checkout

Our Price:: $8.99
Got Special KIDS|Textured Tough Bar Textured Tough Bar

Textured Tough Bar is a durable and wonderfully textured oral motor tool.

Our Price:: $9.49
Got Special KIDS|TChew Stixx Xtra Tough Chew Stixx Xtra Tough

Chew Stixx Xtra Tough for those that can chew through anything!

Our Price:: $9.49
Chew Stixx Junior Pocket Oral Sensory Tubes Chew Stixx Junior Pocket Oral Sensory Tubes

Ideal for children with destructive sensory chewing disorders.

BP and Phthalate free material, coloring, and flavor.

Excellent Jaw Rehabilitation for Stroke Victims or head injuries.

Completely FDA approved materials and colors. Dishwasher safe.

Used by Speech, Occupational, and Physical Therapists.

Easily hides in pocket as to not draw attention to chewing habits of higher functioning children.
All Chew Stixx® Products are dishwasher safe, or can be washed with soap and water to prevent bacteria build up.

Available in cool mint, mint, plain, lemon, orange, strawberry, chocolate, and grape flavors.

Our Price:: $9.99
Got Special KIDS|Chubuddy Chewable Tubes - 1/2" Chubuddy Strong Chewable Tubes - 1/2"

Very durable and fun to chew!

Our Price:: $12.99
Senso Band-Sensory Input On The Go Bracelet - Blue Senso Band-Sensory Input On The Go Bracelet - Blue

Senso-Band wearable sensory device has become a must for every sensory seeker. The alternating textures on this bracelet act as a wearable hand fidget and offer instant calming to children in stressful and/or meltdown situations. By simply engaging fingers across the top of the textures, this armband has been proven to increase concentration and reduce stress immediately. If having a wearable hand fidget was not helpful enough, the FDA approved, wearable hand fidget, Senso-Band material is chewable!

BP, latex and Phthalate free material, coloring, and flavor. FDA approved materials and dishwasher safe.

Our Price:: $12.99
ChuBuddy Parachewer Bracelet ChuBuddy Parachewer Bracelet

Parachewer bracelets are super discreet and fashionable for kids, teens and adults. Made of non-toxic ballistic nylon and a 1 1/4" section of slim strong tube, these bracelets are tough enough to chew on and fidget.
Parachewers come in red, blue, green and yellow-and best of all they are made in the USA!

Our Price:: $13.99
Blue Cord Zilla with Rainbow Cord and Install Pack Blue Cord Zilla with Rainbow Cord and Install Pack

The Chubuddy Cord Zillas are a new and unique design of chews that are attachable to the cords on clothing, such as hoodies and sweaters. These Cord Chews are ideal for those who chew on their clothing, especially older kids needing a readily available chew.

Comes with two Cord Zilla chews, strong paracord, install straw and instructions.
Cord Zilla lets you place the Strong AND Soft Zilla chews on your favorite hoodie.

Chew Factor 3

Our Price:: $19.00
Got Special KIDS|Strong Chew Pack Strong Chew Pack- Updated!

4 Strong Chews in cost-saving pack.

Our Price:: $39.99
Got Special KIDS|Chubuddy Hood with Zilla Chew Chubuddy Sweatshirt Hoodie with Zilla Chew

Comes with two Cord Zilla chews already installed in a 50/50 pull over hoodie.

Our Price:: $52.99
Holiday Ultimate Chew Bundle Holiday Ultimate Chew Bundle

This bundle bag is a wonderful gift for the ultimate chewer in your family. 3 different levels of strength are present in this bundle making it worthy of any chewing habits.
Bundle includes:

Robotz Lanyard (3742)
Oval Chewelry Necklace (3189)
Chew Stixx Xtra Tough (3429)
Chewy Tube (2) (2769)
Strong Chew Tubes (2) (5692)

***Holiday gift bag included***

Our Price:: $65.00

For those with oral sensory needs, we offer a wide variety of chewables designed for sensory therapy and to help cope with stress and anxiety. Chewing is common among special needs kids, especially those with autism and ADHD. Our products have been tested by kids with autism, developmental delays, sensory challenges, Down syndrome, Asperger's and more. Instead of forcing your child to stop chewing or reprimanding them, try a more sanitary and kid-friendly coping mechanism.

Our chewables address your child’s oral sensory needs by helping them calm down, focus and self-regulate. These products are also a great way for your child to develop chewing, biting and other oral motor skills such as safe swallowing and speaking.
Our tough chewables for kids are easy on the teeth and many of our available products can be worn like jewelry to help feed their sensory needs in the car, at school during therapy or anywhere. Create an alternative option to tooth grinding, hair chewing or lip biting. Make a distinct difference in a child's life by offering a safe and healthy coping alternatives.