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Got Special Kids|Vibe Long-Life Replacement Battery Vibe Long-Life Replacement Battery

Long-Life Quad Replacement Battery. Not sold in stores!

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Got Special KIDS|Vibe Critters Sensory Stimulation Face Massagers - Bat & Fish Vibe Critters Massagers - Bat & Fish

These fun and friendly characters help develop sensory perception around the face, jaw and lips!

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The ability to properly communicate lays the foundation for many other critical aspects involved in growing up. Not only does a lack of communication cause frustration, it also prevents important transitions from baby to child and from child to teen and beyond.

In the past, it was very common to assume that children who didn't develop communicative speech lacked these skills due to a fundamental deficit in language understanding. However, it's much more clear now that at least some percentage of children who will exhibit difficulty with speech lack these skills due to oral motor problems instead. This means that many children can greatly benefit from oral motor therapy.

Oral motor exercises are designed to improve muscle tone, jaw stability, chewing patterns, jaw strength and use of the tongue. When utilized in conjunction with a proactive therapy and parenting approach that focuses on helping kids become familiar with new sensations, learning new sounds, and becoming more confident in their choices, oral motor therapy is a great assistive tool for reaching speech and language milestones.

We carry a range of oral motor grabbers and vibes for speech, oral motor and feeding therapy. These tools can be used for biting and chewing exercises, to decrease oral sensitivities, to correct tongue placement and more. All of the oral vibes and grabbers are made with medical grade materials and contain no lead, phthalates, PVC, BPA, or latex.