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Oral Sensory Tools

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Got Special KIDS|Chewy Tubes Super Chew Chewy Tubes Super Chew

An innovative oral-motor device designed to provide a resilient, non-food, chewable surface .

Our Price:: $4.99
Got Special KIDS| Oral-Motor Chewy Tubes for Uni or Bi-Lateral Biting Chewy Tube

Develop jaw strength and address sensory issues.

Starting At: $6.69
Got Special KIDS|Sensory University Chew Stixx Pencil Toppers Textured & Smooth Pencil Topper Pack

Give your student something safe to chew on!

Our Price:: $6.95
Got Special KIDS|Chu-Buddy Chewable Bracelet Chu-Buddy Springs Chewable Bracelet

These bracelets are a fun, stylish way to keep a chewable fidget handy.

Starting At: $6.99
Got Special Kids|Textured Tough X Chewy for Sensory Input & Oral-Motor Fidgets Textured Tough X

This chewy has 3 textured sides and one smooth. Tough and durable!

Our Price:: $7.99
Got Special KIDS|Chewy Tether & Strap Chew Tether & Strap Holder

Never lose a chewy again!

Our Price:: $7.99
Got Special Kids|Chewy Chew Stixx comes in 7 fun flavors for extra oral sensory input. Chew Stixx helps kids and teens with autism, ADHD, and other special needs focus. Chewy Chew Stixx - Flavored

Flavored chews for extra interest and input!

Our Price:: $7.99
Got Special Kids|Extra Tough Chewnoodle Oral Motor Pendant for Aggressive Chewers Chewnoodle Pendant - Super

Strong and safe chew tool on breakaway lanyard.

Our Price:: $8.59
Got Special KIDS|Desk Buddy Textured Ruler Desk Buddy Textured Ruler

A ruler, fidget and chewy all in one.

Our Price:: $8.69
Got Special KIDS|Chu Buddy Chew Bumpy Bloks ChuBuddy Chew Bumpy Bloks

Fun lego styled chewy.

Our Price:: $8.99
Got Special Kids|CHEWNOODLE Basic is an oral fidget. It provides a safe and bacteria-free alternative for individuals who need oral sensory input. Chewnoodle - Basic

Smooth oral fidget that comes with a convenient carabiner.

Our Price:: $8.99
Got Special KIDS|Textured Tough Bar Textured Tough Bar

Textured Tough Bar is a durable and wonderfully textured oral motor tool.

Our Price:: $9.49
Got Special KIDS|PipSquigz Fun Silicone Grabbing Toys PipSquigz Loops

They’re sure to become baby’s new favorite toy!

Our Price:: $9.49
Got Special KIDS|Chew Bud Oval Chewelry is a nice, meaty shape for medium chewers.  It features a break away clasp for safety.  It is a great, discreet shape for both boys and girls. ChuBuddy - Chew Bud Oval Chewelry

A discreet sensory chew pendant.

Our Price:: $9.99
Got Special Kids|The chubuddy robotz chewy pendant is a fun shape that blends in and is discreet. ChuBuddy Chewy Robotz

Cool chewy for light/moderate chewers.

Starting At: $9.99
Got Special KIDS|BPA-Free Starfish Chewing Necklace Pendant - Various Colors ChuBuddy Starfish Chew

Our new Starfish pendant is a stylish oral fidget!

Our Price:: $9.99
Got Special KIDS|Cute Fish-Shaped Chewing Bud | Colorful Chewlery Fish Bud ChuBuddy Fish Chew Pendant

Fish Buds are an attractive oral fidget!

Our Price:: $9.99
Got Special Kids|Chewnoodle Pendant Extra Strong Oral-Motor Chew Tool Chewnoodle Pendant - Max

Strong and safe chew tool on breakaway lanyard.

Our Price:: $9.99
Got Special KIDS|Neck Lanyard & Chewy Holder Neck Lanyard & Chewy Holder - Set of 2

Keep your chewy clean, off the ground & close at hand!

Starting at: $11.49
Got Special Kids|Bumpy Texture Super Chewnoodle for Chewing Stimulation Super Chewnoodle

Strong and safe chew tool with a convenient carabiner for attaching to shirts. belt loop or strap.

Our Price:: $11.99
Got Special Kids|Rolla Chew Pendant Rolla Chew Pendant

Chewie & Fidget in One!

Our Price:: $12.49
Got Special KIDS|Kid Companion Necklace Kid Companion Necklace

A safe and wearable chewing alternative.

Our Price:: $12.89
Got Special KIDS|Chubuddy Chewable Tubes - 1/2" Chubuddy Strong Chewable Tubes - 1/2"

Very durable and fun to chew!

Our Price:: $12.99
Chew Holder Black Tether Set of 2 Chew Tether & Strap Holder Set of 2

Discreet way to hold the favorite chewy!

Our Price:: $13.49
Got Special KIDS|Chew Ease Non-Toxic Plastic Chewables for Jaw Strengthening & Calming Clip-On ChewEase

Take this sensory solution anywhere!

Our Price:: $14.99
Got Special Kids|Smooth Chewnoodle Max for Chewing Stimulation strongest oral motor chew Chewnoodle Max

The Chewnoodle Max can stand up to the strongest of chewers.

Our Price:: $15.99
Got Special KIDS|Mega Chewable Oral Sensory Non-Toxic Necklace Sets - 7 Colors Mega Chewable Necklace Sets

Mega Chewable Necklace - double the strength and size! Indvidual colors available.

Starting At: $21.99
Got Special KIDS|Strong Chew Pack Strong Chew Pack- Updated!

4 Strong Chews in cost-saving pack.

Our Price:: $32.99
Got Special Kids|Chewlery Bracelet, Assorted, set of 7 is also great for oral-motor stimulating activities. Chewelry Bracelets - Set of 7

Chewy bracelets in every color!

Starting at: $39.99
Got Special KIDS|Chubuddy Hood with Zilla Chew Chubuddy Sweatshirt Hoodie with Zilla Chew

Comes with two Cord Zilla chews already installed in a 50/50 pull over hoodie.

Our Price:: $49.95
Got Special KIDS|Mega Chewy Bracelet Mega Chewy Bracelet- assorted set of 7

Great oral motor stimulation without chewing on clothing or less desirable objects.

Our Price:: $50.99

We carry a wide variety of sensory chew toys for adults, kids and babies. Our oral sensory tools include speech therapy toys like chewy tubes and grabbers, as well as dental hygiene products designed specifically for the needs of special kids. When used professionally, oral-motor therapy tools develop chewing and biting skills and assists with improved use and development of the muscles required for proper speaking. Because most of our products are designed for easy grabbing even by infants, they are also ideal for basic oral exploration and mouth play. Our full selection of autism chew toys includes chewable necklaces, bracelets and chew noodles.

Children with special needs thrive better when they're provided with socially acceptable outlets for stimming. If your child chews on clothing, pencils or other items at school, a fun and discreet product like a necklace or bracelet can provide them the soothing sensory input they're looking for. Many of our items are available in various sizes and textures, and are ideal for front- or back-of-the-mouth chewers.