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LED Sensory Light Tubes

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Desktop Jellyfish Lamp Desktop Jellyfish Lamp

Lifelike jellyfish lamp for office, bedroom or home.

Our Price:: $24.00
Playlearn 2.7 Ft - Mini Bubble Tube Aquarium Playlearn 2.7 Ft - Mini Bubble Tube Aquarium

Mini Bubble Tube

Our Price:: $74.00
Got Special KIDS|Jellyfish Tower Lamp Playlearn Jellyfish Tower Lamp

Fascinating! Majestic in their movement, spend hours watching as these two neon dotted jellyfish swim around their tank

Our Price:: $79.00
Got Special KIDS|3 Foot LED Bubble Tube with Fake Fish Playlearn 3' Bubble Tube with Fake Fish

Seven changing light colors - now comes with a remote!

Our Price:: $102.00
Got Special KIDS|Bubble Wall Calming Zen Bubble Wall w/ Remote

Relax with streams of illuminated bubbles!

Our Price:: $350.00
Experia Portable LED Bubble Tube Experia Portable LED Bubble Tube

Finally a cost-effective and portable bubble tube!

Our Price: $1,113.00
Experia Interactive Bubble Tube Corner Experia Interactive Bubble Tube Corner

Our most portable bubble column!

Our Price: $4,549.50
Got Special KIDS| Portable Sensory Corner - Calming Experia Portable Sensory Corner - Calming

Transform any space with our portable sensory corner!

Our Price: $7,593.00

Who can resist the soothing and captivating sights and sounds of bubbles? Our selection of sensory bubble tubes are intended for relaxation or stimulation with a variety of functions and color options.
Bubble columns are a wonderful treat for any home or office, but are especially beneficial for children, teens and adults with sensory processing disorders. Our bubble light columns are designed to be used in a variety of ways: Let them bubble away in relaxation mode to help improve visual tracking, connect them with our padded colored cubes to play basic interactive games, or power them with a Super Switch for advanced functionality that builds hand-eye coordination and memory.
We offer portable options to let you create bubble tube sensory environments just about anywhere. If you're not sure which option suits your needs best, contact us.