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Lighted Products for Sensory Processing Rooms

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Combo Pack 4-ft Aquarium Bubble Tube & 3-in Plasma Ball Combo Pack 4-ft Aquarium Bubble Tube & 3-in Plasma Ball

Bubble Tube-Plasma Ball Set

Our Price:: $159.50
Got Special KIDS|Cloud B Tranquil Turtle Cloud B Tranquil Turtle

Soothing ocean sights and sounds

Our Price:: $43.99
Got Special KIDS|Jellyfish Tower Lamp Jellyfish Tower Lamp

Fascinating! Majestic in their movement, spend hours watching as these two neon dotted jellyfish swim around their tank

Our Price:: $72.00
Got Special KIDS|Zen Moonlight Mood Lamp Zen Moonlight Mood Lamp

View the soft light and enchanting presence of the moon!

Our Price:: $25.99
Superactive Fiber Optic LED Corner Shower Superactive Fiber Optic LED Corner Shower

Create a fun and attention-grabbing effect that appeals to people of all ages

Starting At: $2,695.00
Got Special KIDS|Galaxy Globe Light Galaxy Globe Light

Turn it on and watch the galaxy in the comfort of your own home!

Our Price:: $27.99
LED Fiber Optic Softie - Calming LED Fiber Optic Softie - Calming

Create closer interaction with the fiber optic by sitting on the Softie!

Our Price:: $2,277.99
Got Special KIDS| Westminster Groovy Lamp, Lava Lamp Westminster Groovy Lamp, Lava Lamp

Moving shapes shift, change and flow.

Our Price:: $12.89
Got Special KIDS| Westminster Glitter Lamp Westminster Glitter Lamp

Metallic shapes move in hypnotic patterns.

Our Price:: $12.49
Sensory Marble Panel Sensory Marble Panel

Visual, tactile and aural sensory input!

Starting At: $1,015.99
Got Special KIDS|Bubble Wall Calming Zen Bubble Wall

Relax with streams of illuminated bubbles!

Our Price:: $350.00
Got Special KIDS|15" x 15" Portable Lightbox w/ and w/out Gel Pads Press N Glo Illuminator

Portable visual sensory stimulation

Starting at: $175.99
Got Special KIDS|Remote-Capable LED Light Projector for Home or Classroom Opti Aura LED Projector

Creating your own sensory environment has never been easier with Opti Aura projector.

Our Price:: $315.00
Got Special KIDS|13-Inch Color-Changing Fiber Optics Light w/ Stand-Up Base Aurora Fiber Optic Light with Color

This cool light will brighten any room!

Our Price:: $11.99
Got Special KIDS|Light Box for Tracing w/ Optional Geometric Gel Shape Inserts Light Box

Combine visual and tactile stimulation with our Light Box.

Our Price:: $157.95
Got Special KIDS|Gel Shapes for Learning & Tactile Fun Gel Shapes

Enjoy tactile and visual stimulation with these fun and squishy gel shapes!

Our Price:: $49.95

Kids and adults with sensory processing disorders experience the world differently. This includes how how they process visual cues. Sensory processing disorders can cause both hyper- and hypo-sensitivity, leading to stimulation either being avoided or sought out. While some individuals with sensory processing disorders are highly fascinated by small details, others will become overwhelmed by too much visual information.

Creating an autism-friendly environment can offer those with sensory disorders the kind of relief or stimulation they crave. Use a sensory room to encourage exploration, learning and more. Sensory rooms can include everything from handheld lighted toys and sensory lamps to LED fiber optic curtains and bubble columns.

We can help you create the perfect sensory experience for your home, school or therapy office. To get started, please fill out this short questionnaire and email us at info@got-specialkids.com.
Lighting can largely influence a person's sensory experiences. Fluorescent lights can be particularly damaging, causing irritability and distraction. We also carry a range of other products to help your child, teen or young adult cope with negative visual sensory experiences, including covers for fluorescent lights.