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Got Special KIDS|Playmonster -Lauri Early Learning Center Kit - 4-Step Sequencing works well with pre-school and pre-K children for language development and thinking skills. Lauri Early Learning Center Kit - 4-Step Sequencing

Kids develop logical thinking skills when they place the tiles in sequential order!

Our Price:: $24.49
Got Special KIDS|Reusable Sensory Reduction Ear Plugs w/ Cord - NRR 25 Reusable Ear Plugs Corded

Reusable ear plugs

Our Price:: $1.69
Got Special KIDS|Hamilton Buhl Noiseoff Replacement Foam Kit NoiseOff Replacement Foam Kit - 4 Pack

Replacement foam tips for NoiseOff Headphones

Our Price:: $2.95
Got Special KIDS|Noise Reduction Sensory Foam Ear Plugs with Cord - 10 Pairs Foam Ear Plugs with Cord - 10 Pairs

Easy-to-use and one size fit all!

Our Price:: $3.29
Got-Special KIDS|Fun Orbit Ball fun stress reliever is firm but flexible, and is uniquely designed with multi-colored bands. Orbit Ball

Entwined translucent bands make this ball eye-catching fun!
Available in flashing & non-flashing.

Our Price:: $3.49
Got Special KIDS|Bumpy, Lightup Thermasphere Anti-Stress Balls Therasphere Anti-Stress Balls

Flashing meteor anti-stress balls - light 'em up!

Our Price:: $3.99
Got Special KIDS|Tangle Mini LED Motion Activated NightBall Tangle Mini NightBall

Light up the night with Mini Night Ball!

Our Price:: $4.49
Got Special KIDS|What Z'it What' Zit Fish

Multi colored to be moved into endless configurations!

Our Price:: $4.99
Got Special Kids|Toysmith Jumbo Spiral Glitter Wand Toysmith Jumbo Spiral Glitter Wand

Strong plastic tube filled with slow moving and shiny elements. Mesmerizing fun!

Starting at: $5.89
Got-Special KIDS | Spiral Drops Timer Spiral Drops Timer

Watch the drops roll down the spiral ramp!

Our Price:: $5.89
Got Special KIDS|Squishy Transparent Lightup Ball | Light Up Molecule Ball Light Up Molecule Ball

Squishy and soothing!

Our Price:: $5.99
Got Special KIDS|Magnetic Sand Timer Magnetic Sand Timer

Magnetized base creates fun sculptures.

Our Price:: $6.99
Got Special KIDS|Flexi Crystal Brainteaser Puzzle Flexi Crystal Brainteaser Puzzle

Flex your mind with Bendy, Stretchy, Fun!

Our Price:: $7.99
Got Special KIDS|Sensory Processing Calming Califone Hearing Protector- HS50 Califone Hearing Safe Hearing Protector- HS50

Great tool for auditory sensitivity!

Our Price:: $7.99
Got Special KIDS|Atomic Cherry Snap and Pop Puzzle Atomic Cherry Snap and Pop Puzzle

A Juicy Snappy Cherry Puzzle that you won't be able to put down!

Our Price:: $7.99
Got Special KIDS|Prisma Light Prisma Light

A kaleidoscopic light show!

Our Price:: $9.99
Got Special KIDS|13-Inch Color-Changing Fiber Optics Light w/ Stand-Up Base Glacier Fiber Optic Light with Color

This cool light will brighten any room!

Our Price:: $9.99
Got Special KIDS| Colorful Contorting Banana Fidget Puzzle Bananacus Puzzle

The Potassium Packed Puzzle to keep fingers busy for hours!

Our Price:: $9.99
Got Special KIDS|Edushape Mini Rainbowmaker - 8" is an exciting and colorful see-through prism walls so kids can view what creates those soothing, calming and relaxing sounds. Edushape Mini Rainbowmaker - 8"

Multi-sensory experience for young children!

Our Price:: $10.69
Got Special KIDS|Hearing Safe Ear Muff Headphones Califone Hearing Safe Ear Muff Headphones - HS60

Hearing Safe Adult Sized Ear Muffs are ideal for for those with auditory sensitivity.

Our Price:: $10.98
Got Special KIDS|Think Fun Shape By Shape Think Fun Shape By Shape

Entertaining puzzle game helps sharpen visual perception and reasoning!

Our Price:: $12.49
Got Special KIDS|Revolving Color Changing Fiber Optic Lamp Revolving Color Changing Fiber Optic Lamp

Turn it on and watch a dazzling multi-colored light show.

Our Price:: $12.99
Got Special KIDS|4-Inch Light-Up Fanimal Fan Light Up Fanimal Fan

Watch jungle animals run as the fan whirls.

Our Price:: $12.99
Got Special Kids|ETY Etymotic High-Fidelity Noise Reducing Ear Plugs ETY PLUGS - Etymotic High-Fidelity Noise Reducing Ear Plugs

Turn down the noise and go where you want to go!

Our Price:: $13.89
Got Special KIDS|Hamilton Buhl NoiseOff Headphones NoiseOff Headphones

Block out distractions with NoiseOff!

Our Price:: $13.99
Got Special KIDS|Tangle Tube Tangle Tube

A simple and effective tool that kids love to play with that is virtually indestructible. This fun and portable fidget is useful for building many developmental skills:

  • Increases bilateral coordination skills
  • Improves hand/eye coordination
  • Utilizes visual tracking
  • Helps develop motor planning
  • Ages 3+

Our Price:: $13.99
Got Special KIDS|Ooze Tube Timer Large 8" tall Ooze Tube Large 8" tall

10 minute soothing timer.

Our Price:: $17.99
Sale Price: $13.99
Savings: $4.00
Got Special KIDS|Sensory Fidget Ooze Timers - Rectangle Set of 3. There is a magic to the Ooze that fascinates all ages. Sensory Fidget Ooze Timers - Rectangle Set of 3

Cube ooze tubes!

Our Price:: $14.49
Got Special KIDS|Wacky Web Wacky Web

A bright, hand made maze that combines eye-hand coordination with visual perception

Our Price:: $14.99
Got Special KIDS| GO AWAY Monster!! Preschool game GO AWAY Monster!!

The Game Where Little Kids Get Rid of the Monsters for Good!

Our Price:: $14.99
Got Special KIDS|Fabric Marble Maze Fabric Marble Maze

A stretch fabric mat with a steel ball captivated within a sewn in maze.

Our Price:: $15.99
Got Special KIDS|Califone Hush Buddy Earmuff Headphones Califone Hush Buddy Earmuff Headphones

Earmuffs help children with noise sensitivity to be more comfortable in stimulating environments.

Our Price:: $16.99

We all have our limits for the types of sounds we're willing to tolerate; a nearby leaf blower or the incessant chirp of a smoke alarm on low battery will get annoying pretty quickly, and some sounds such as feedback from a microphone are downright excruciating.
But imagine if everyday noises had this effect. That's the reality for people with sensory processing disorders, who may struggle even with ordinary sounds at home or in a school environment. This means the most mundane activities can oftentimes prove extremely problematic, creating emotional scenes that are difficult for both parent and child to cope with.

An emotional reaction such as an angry meltdown in response to sounds is also known as misophonia. On the other hand, a fear of common sounds that might cause a child to exhibit avoidance behaviors is called phonophobia. Both of these issues often go hand in hand with sensory processing disorders. Being proactive and prepared will give your child the opportunities to reach his or her potential.

We carry a wide range of proven products for visual input, visual learning and sound avoidance. Children and adults with sensory processing disorders greatly benefit from proactive interventions that are designed to help them succeed. By reducing noise distractions and providing safe environments at home, in therapy and in the classroom, those will sensory processing disorders are encouraged and allowed to thrive.

Our product selection includes tools, games and toys to reduce excess auditory stimulation, promote visual perception and satisfy your child's craving for visual input.
Many children with autism and other sensory disorders seek feedback, whether that's oral, tactile or visual. Kids who are visual seekers will enjoy products such as our bubble columns, fiber optics products, or Lune, a touch controlled sensory LED.
Creating a sensory space and an appropriate outlet for your child or loved one doesn't have to be difficult or expensive. We offer a wide range of toys, games and products specifically with sensory processing disorders in mind. Shop today or contact us for additional information.