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Sensory Vibration & Sound

Many children of all abilities love hearing sounds and feeling vibrations, but these sensation are especially appealing to those on the autism spectrum.
We carry a wide range of stimulating and soothing tactile and sensory products for kids and adults. Our selection includes small and portable products designed for travel and bedtime relaxation as well as professional vibro-acoustic units designed for therapy purposes in a clinical or school setting.

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Puppy Foot Massager Puppy Foot Massager

Slide your feet into this cuddling massager!

Our Price:: $29.98
Senseez Handheld Vibrating Massager Senseez Soothables - Handheld Vibe Massagers

On The Go Portable Vibrations!

Our Price:: $11.49
Senseez Handheld Sensory Hot/Cold Pack Senseez Soothables - Handheld Sensory Hot/Cold Pack

Hot & Cold Therapy On The Go!

Our Price:: $11.49
2 Speed Power Massager 2 Speed Power Massager

Portable and soothing comfort at home, school or work.

Our Price:: $9.99
Good Vibes Waterproof Massager Good Vibes Scalp Massager

Give yourself a relaxing, tingling scalp or body massage!

Our Price:: $9.99
Got-Special KIDS | Power Body Massager with USB Power Body Massager with USB

Handheld portable massager

Our Price:: $9.99
Memory Foam Massager Memory Foam Massager

A relaxing, moldable, vibrating foam roll.

Our Price:: $39.99
Giant Vibrating Ladybug Giant Vibrating Ladybug

Squeeze and she'll vibrate with joy!

Our Price:: $56.95
Senseez Vibrating Pillows Help children stay seated and focused. These fun and fanciful pillows emit gentle vibrations when squeezed or sat on, soothing little sensory seekers. They are lightweight and portable so kids can take anywhere! Senseez Vibrating Pillows

Senseez eases the senses!Colorful, lightweight, fun-shaped vibrating cushions!

Our Price:: $23.78
Vibro-Acoustic Roving Stereo Units Vibro-Acoustic Roving Stereo Units

Vibro-Acoustic therapy is used to promote joy and fun! It also has the potential for changing the brain! Roving Units are used in conjunction with our vibro-acoustic furniture and accessories.

Starting At: $1,127.00
Vibro-Acoustic Rocker Vibro-Acoustic Rocker

The Vibro Rocker works in conjunction with our stereo units and offers soothing vibratory input.

Starting At: $817.00
Vibro-Acoustic Stereos Vibro-Acoustic Stereos

Our stereo units can power 2 different vibro-acoustic products simultaneously and deliver auditory and multi-sensory stimulation.

Starting At: $857.00
Vibro-Acoustic Bean Bag Vibro-Acoustic Bean Bag

Relax and recline with calming sensations from music and vibration.

Our Price:: $297.00
Vibro-Acoustic Wedge Vibro-Acoustic Wedge

Wedge is made of dense supportive foam and provides calming, soothing vibro-acoustic stimulation.

Our Price:: $599.00
Senseez Vibrating Pillows - Touchables are fun-shaped portable vibrating cushions offer a gentle sensation when they are squeezed or sat on, relaxing, calming and soothing the body. Senseez eases the senses! Senseez Vibrating Pillows - Touchables

Irresistible to touch, these colorful pillows have gentle vibration to comfort and calm.

Our Price:: $23.78
Vibrating Snake Vibrating Snake

Your special child will love it!

Our Price:: $29.88
Vibro-Acoustic Floor Mat Vibro-Acoustic Floor Mat

Feel the calming vibratory input while sitting comfortably next to a bubble column or crash pit.

Our Price:: $689.00

Sounds and tactile vibration stimulate the proprioceptive senses, giving kids and adults feedback on where their body parts are located in a particular space. This type of feedback is crucial for coordination and balance because it stimulates the muscles and joints and creates a body awareness that otherwise would not naturally develop.
But vibration and sounds also offer peace and tranquility for the listener. In addition, vibration can provide the necessary motivation to individuals with autism or sensory processing disorders to grab and move objects designed to help them develop and strengthen fine motor control.

Our line of vibro-acoustic products and furniture magnifies musical vibrations without the need to increase the stereo's volume. This provides the ability to easily feel satisfying vibrations for proprioceptive and calming input, as well as sensory sound for autism at soothing volumes. These products include the roving stereo unit, the acoustic rocking chair, floor mats and the wall stereo units.
The amount of vibration felt with these products is adjustable in various ways, allowing you to create a perfectly customized sensory experience for the user.