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Sensory Chairs for Autism & More

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Bouncy Band for Chairs Bouncy Band for Chairs

Wiggle and fidget without distracting others! Soothe student's anxiety, frustration and hyperactivity.

Our Price:: $13.29
Bouncy Band Wiggle Seat Big Sensory Cushion Helps your child stay calm and focused while sitting at school or home Bouncy Band Big Wiggle Seat - Blue or Orange

Keep your children calm and focused during school or meal time!

Our Price:: $14.39
Bouncy Band Wiggle Seat Big Sensory Cushion Helps your child stay calm and focused while sitting at school or home Bouncy Band Little Wiggle Seat For Young Children- Purple or Orange

Help young children sit still!

Our Price:: $14.39
Body Sport Vestibular Disc Body Sport Balance Disc Body Sport Vestibular Disc

Combine the benefits of ball therapy with the convenience of a portable wiggle seat.

Our Price:: $16.99
Bitty Bottoms Seat Cushion Bitty Bottoms Seat Cushion

Sensory seating, perfect for little bottoms

Our Price:: $17.29
Exercise and Therapy Balls Exercise and Therapy Balls with Pump

Fun and therapeutic!

Starting At: $18.49
INCREASE FOCUS – This alternative seating option for classrooms, offices, and home use helps to keep the mind engaged as the constant ball movement increases blood flow to the brain. Bouncy Band Balance Ball - No Roll Weighted Seat (55cm)

Works like a weighted yoga ball!

Our Price:: $18.99
Bouncy Bands Wiggle Seats - Sensory Cushions Kids stay calm and focused while sitting as the seat gives them an outlet
for excess energy in the classroom,during meals and at homework time Bouncy Bands Wiggle Seats - Sensory Cushions

New sensory cushions in 3 fun shapes!

Our Price:: $21.95
CanDo Child and Adult Inflatable Sitting Wedge is an inflatable wedge that requires active participation from the user to correct sitting posture Cando Vestibular Wedge

Help focus and stay seated!

Starting At: $24.95
Fitball Seating Disc - Junior and Adult Fitball Seating Disc - Junior and Adult

Work on postural training while seated.

Starting At: $24.99
Fitball Inflatable Wedge Fitball Inflatable Wedge

Help reduce the wiggles with this active seating tool.

Our Price:: $29.98
CanDo Inflatable Sensory Saddle Rolls CanDo Inflatable Sensory Saddle Rolls

Our Sensory Saddle is textured with a "nubby" surface which provides tactile stimulation to active seating and ball therapy routines.

Starting at: $30.11
Body Sport Balance Disc Pro Body Sport Balance Disc Pro

Use this large balance disc as a wiggle seat or ball chair!

Our Price:: $31.49
Stay N Place Ball Stay N Place Ball

Balance and coordination without rolling away!

Our Price:: $32.95
Kore Floor Wobbler allows children to sit comfortably on the floor and remain active in one spot! Kids love it! Kore Floor Wobbler

Encourages active seating and leads to better focus!

Our Price:: $34.99
Gel-E-Seat Gel-E-Seat

The ultimate cushion for special seating needs.

Our Price:: $35.49
Ball Support Ball Support

Keep a therapy ball in place.

Our Price:: $39.99
CoreDisk CoreDisk

Support kids and teens who can't sit still with CoreDisk!

Starting at: $41.33
Kore Toddler Wobble Chair - 10" Kore Toddler Wobble Chair - 10"

Best seat in any classroom. This chair really rocks!

Our Price:: $46.99
The Original Foot Fidget The Original Foot Fidget

Get focused with the Original Foot Fidget!

Starting at: $54.95
Edutray Cube Chair Set Cube Chair - Children's Factory

Help kids focus and sit still with the Cube Chair Set!

Starting at: $64.57
Adapta Bench Children's Factory Adapta-Bench

Versatile, durable and waterproof!

Starting at: $71.49
Therapy Ball Chair Therapy Ball Chair

Active seating at its best!

Starting At: $79.99
Jellyfish Chair Denim Jellyfish Chair Denim

Strengthen core muscles, improve balance.

Our Price:: $119.99
Sale Price: $89.99
Savings: $30.00
Bean Chair Bean Chair

Our Bean Chairs provide comfort and soothing proprioceptive input.

Starting At: $199.99
Zuma Rocker - Blueberry Zuma Rocker Series Set of 2

Active seating leads to active learning!

Starting At: $269.99

When students have trouble concentrating, it can be due to a variety of reasons. Whether your child can’t concentrate from excess energy or because he requires additional sensory input, disruptions in the classroom oftentimes lead to poor grades and fewer met milestones.

If your child needs to be able to perform wiggle-type activities in order to focus on their schoolwork, a wiggle seat for ADHD provides an excellent solution. A wiggle seat allows children to fidget so they can focus on the actual task at hand. This type of seating arrangement can include a variety of inflatable balls, foot bands and rocking chairs.

Some parents and teachers find that adding sensory seating to classrooms or learning areas works because it keeps children engaged longer by encouraging active seating postures. Our selection of special needs seating also includes wobble chairs, seating discs and other types of chairs designed to tighten the core.

Tactile seating solutions increase pleasurable input, boosting focus and attention for longer periods of time.