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Westminster Color Changing Chrystal Lamp Westminster Color Changing Crystal Lamp

Multi color changing crystal lamp.

Our Price:: $5.50
Glacier Fiber Optic Light with Color Glacier Fiber Optic Light with Color

This cool light will brighten any room!

Our Price:: $9.99
Revolving Color Changing Fiber Optic Lamp Revolving Color Changing Fiber Optic Lamp

Turn it on and watch a dazzling multi-colored light show.

Our Price:: $12.99
Dreaming in the Land of Can Dreaming in the Land of Can

Promote deep, restful sleep!

Our Price:: $21.95
Twilight Ladybug Twilight Ladybug

A starry sanctuary that comforts and calms.

Our Price:: $29.99
Sale Price: $22.99
Savings: $7.00
Cloud B Sleep Sheep Cloud B Sleep Sheep

Cuddly giraffe plays 8 soothing sounds.

Our Price:: $24.49
Cloud B Gentle Giraffe Cloud B Gentle Giraffe

Cuddly giraffe plays 8 soothing sounds.

Our Price:: $24.49
Tranquil Turtle - Ocean Tranquil Turtle - Ocean

Soothing ocean sights and sounds

Our Price:: $44.99

Special needs children are faced with never-ending challenges of controlling behavior and managing emotions. As a parent, teacher, or counselor, you can help your child overcome these challenges with positive reinforcement, visual and verbal cues, suggesting alternatives, following through with consequences, and always being consistent.
A quality night of sleep can work wonders for anyone, especially a child with special needs. Everyone has experienced a restless night and felt cranky the next morning.
These soothing bedtime toys help kids with learning disabilities, sensory disorders or developmental delays cope with distractions, anxiety, and frustration so that they can rest. Give your child the resources he or she needs to comfortably fall asleep and get quality sleep with one of these soothing bedtime toys.

Our selection includes visually-engaging and colorful night lights, calming snuggle companions, and peaceful white noise makers. Our LED fiber optic lamps brighten a room and dazzle with a colorful light show that will absorb and delight any child. We offer three cuddly companions: one with light display and soothing sounds, one with a starry night display, and one with eight soothing sounds they’ll love. All of them come with a timer so they won’t disrupt your child’s night.
Browse our selection of soothing bedtime tools to help your child rest easy before bed.