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Got Special KIDS|Yogarilla Exercises and Activities 55 Card Yoga Deckoffers The 55 yoga poses and 110 activities in this oversized, colorfully illustrated 6" x 8" card deck help children understand how their bodies and minds work together. Yogarilla Exercises and Activities 55 Card Yoga Deck

Help children to understand their bodies and to relax with this 55 deck and 110 activity card deck.

Our Price:: $44.95
Got Special KIDS| Have fun stretching with Yoga Dice! Thinkfun Yoga Dice

Fun game of rolling and posing.

Our Price:: $14.95
Got-Special KIDS Stress Puck Stress Puck

Relieve stress & strengthen hands & wrists.

Our Price:: $4.00
Got Special KIDS|Croc 'n' Roll Interactive Electronic Game Croc 'n' Roll Interactive Electronic Game

Dodge the crazy croc!

Our Price:: $15.99
Got Special KIDS|18" Hoppy Ball with Pump 18" Hoppy Ball with Pump

Promote balance coordination, and develop core strength while having fun!

Our Price:: $20.24
Balance Ball (45cm) Balance Ball (45cm)

Balance Ball Chair 45cm Non-Rolling for Elementary School Kids

  • FOCUS: Provides an outlet for excess energy while alleviating anxiety, stress, and boredom
  • KEEPS MIND ENGAGED: Reduces fidgeting and aids concentration as the constant ball movements increase blood flow to the brain
  • ORIGINAL DESIGN: Weighting feature prevents the ball from rolling and keeps it in place when not in use
  • STRENGTH: Builds core strength and healthy posture
  • 45cm diameter–for kids & adults under 5’ tall
  • Includes foot pump, 2 stoppers, a stopper remover, and measuring tape
  • Anti-burst, slip-resistant, high quality material
  • Maximum weight of 400 lbs (182 kg)
  • Safety tested and latex free
Only one available! Blue 45cm

Our Price:: $21.99
Relaxus - Hammock In a Bag Relaxus - Hammock In a Bag

Relaxus Hammock in a Bag is made of a sturdy polyester - cotton blend. The Hammock is made of a colorful strip pattern and made for relaxation. Great for backyard, camping, or even indoors as an alternative to a bed or reading chair. Easy to set up, store and carry. The reinforced hammock loops and scale lines allow one to relax. Holds weight up to 220.

  • Sturdy polyester/cotton blend to hold a maximum of 220LB
  • Included: Matching Bag, Reinforced Hanging eyes (loops), Scale lines & Bed.
  • High light & color fastness UV resistant
  • Indoor/outdoor use. Bed size: 79" x 39" ( 200cm x 100cm )
  • Great for Vacation, at the cottage, or in the backyard.

Our Price:: $27.99
Sale Price: $23.00
Savings: $4.99
Got Special KIDS|Thera-Band Pro Stability Balls - Available in Sm, Med, Lg & XLg Thera-Band Pro Stability Ball

Slow deflation, burst resistant & enhanced performance!

Starting at: $23.99
Dance Charades Dance Charades

Dance Charades has 40 second song clips to dance out as many of the dance charades cards as you can. You get a point for each correct dance charade the other players guess. The other players can also reward you with dancing points by throwing purple tokens to you while you dance. Have fun while being active. Great for get togethers.

Contains 300 dance cards, audio CD, 45 scoring tokens, score pad, pencil and rules. 4 or more players, ages 6 and up.
Discontinued - only 1 left in stock!

Our Price:: $25.00
Gonge Bridge Balancing Toys Gonge Bridge Balancing Toys

GONGE Bridge Balancing Toy Multicolored Set of 2 Compatible with River and Island toys (sold separately).

  • Designed to stimulate movement and hone balance skills.
  • Made from a durable plastic material with anti-slip rubber edges for added safety.
  • 2-pack comes with blue and yellow balancing toys.

Our Price:: $38.00
Sale Price: $29.99
Savings: $8.01
Learning Resources Mental Blox - Critical Thinking Game Learning Resources Mental Blox - Critical Thinking Game

Put your critical thinking to the test and fire up the strategic problem solving! Stack, pattern and match the multicolor shapes. Don't be fooled by appearances, these endlessly enjoyable blocks mean brain-boosting business. Mental Blox help children practice following verbal instructions, asking questions and build critical thinking skills. Activity cards provide children with examples of what to build. Children can recreate what is on the card or can give verbal instructions to a partner or group. Pieces feature four different shapes and 3 different attributes for a real challenge!
Educational Benefits
Learning Styles: Visual, Tactile
Skill Development: Critical thinking, Problem solving, Fine motor skills, Eye-hand coordination, Communication, Following directions, Verbal skills
Common Core State Standards Alignment: Speaking & Listening, Geometry
20 chunky plastic blocks, 20 activity cards, activity guide
**Blocks measure 2' x 2'

**Age 5+
**Grade K+

Our Price:: $29.99
Toysmith - 10 Ft. Jumbo Parachute Toysmith - 10 Ft. Jumbo Parachute

Jumbo 10' Parachute is multi-colored and has 12 handles. Great for the whole gang. The parachute promotes cooperative play, coordination, and team building play. Includes a storage bag for convenience. Made for kids 3 and up.

Our Price:: $35.99
Gymnic Ball Support Gymnic Ball Support

The Gymnic BallBowl (measuring 18-1/2 x 18-1/2 inches or 47 centimeters) is a unique ring designed to hold therapy balls sized between approximately 17-3/4 to 21-3/5 inches (45 to 55 centimeters). The small BallBowl is ideal for individuals working on sitting on balance who are not prepared for the less stable feel and environment of therapy balls. The latex-free BallBowl can support heavy loads and is also anti-skid with its 3 sturdy stoppers. Sold as 1 ball stand unit only. Compatible with any exercise or stability ball brand.Therapy ball(s) not included.

Our Price:: $44.00
Fat Brain Teeter Popper Fat Brain Teeter Popper

Teeter Poppers Active Play

Our Price:: $44.95
Got Special KIDS|Gonge Island  Set of 2 Gonge Island Set of 2

Step into coordination, balance and fun!

Our Price:: $51.50
Gonge River Set of 6 Gonge River Set of 6

Step into coordination, balance and fun!

Our Price:: $77.99
Sale Price: $57.99
Savings: $20.00
Got Special KIDS|Textured Stepping Stone CanDo - Textured Stepping Stone Set of 6

Take the balance challenge!

Our Price:: $60.59
Got Special Kids|Abilitations Core Disk for Stability & Balance Skills CoreDisk

Support kids and teens who can't sit still with CoreDisk!

Starting at: $62.60
Got Special KIDS|Kore Pre-School Wobble Chair - 12" Kore Pre-School Wobble Chair - 12"

Improve posture, increase focus and keep their minds from wandering!

Our Price:: $65.99
Got Special KIDS|Gonge Seesaw provides hours of active play and gross motor skill development Gonge Seesaw

Active play that builds coordination and balance!

Our Price:: $67.99
Got Special Kids | River Stone features a soft base and a hard top platform supported by three strong steel springs to enable bouncing, which requires adjustment through the child's ankles and legs, making it a more challenging activity than simply Gonge Riverstones

Step into coordination, balance and fun!

Our Price:: $75.00
Got Special KIDS|Kore Wobble Chair - 14" Kore Kids Wobble Chair - 14"

Improve posture, increase focus and keep their minds from wandering!

Our Price:: $77.99
Got Special KIDS|Therapy Ball Chair Therapy Ball Chair - Child Size

Active seating at its best!

Our Price:: $93.00
Sale Price: $80.00
Savings: $13.00
Harness Kit for Tube Swing Harness Kit for Tube Swing

This harness is made with heavy-duty material and the webbed nylon sling adjusts to fit most larger inner tubes and protects clients from being scraped or poked by the valve stem.
Tube Swing Harness includes:
1 - Tube Swing Harness

1 - Valve Stem Cover

Minimum Height required is 8 ft. Keep a clear distance of 6 ft. from walls and other obstacles.
WORKING LOAD: 250 lbs. when used with inner tube.

Our Price:: $96.50
Got Special KIDS|Kore Pre-Teen Wobble Chair - 18" Kore Pre-Teen Wobble Chair - 18"

Improve posture, increase focus and keep their minds from wandering!

Our Price:: $101.99
Gonge Riverstones with Bouncing Riverstone Set of 4 balancing platforms and one wobbling, bouncing platform Gonge Riverstones with Bouncing Riverstone - Set of 5

Develop balance and coordination!

List Price: $109.99
Our Price:: $109.99
Got Special Kids | Gonge Hilltops | Five Hilltops of varying heights encourage children to jump from top to top, helping to develop the ability to estimate distances, while building a familiarity with heights. Gonge Hilltops

Inspire jumping from top to top.

Our Price:: $142.99
Got Special KIDS|Go Go Roller with Handles Gonge Go Go Roller with Handles

Practice coordination on this easy roller.

Our Price:: $179.98
Got Special KIDS|Soft Balance Beam Children's Factory Soft Balance Beam

Allows for the perfect balance between safety and exploration.

Our Price:: $187.50
Children's Factory Edu-Ring Children's Factory Edu-Ring

You can make a ring, a slide, a balance beam - whatever you like!

Our Price:: $225.00
Got Special KIDS|Children's Factory Red Rocker  Toddler Bridge Children's Factory Red Rocker Toddler Bridge

SensaRock provides calming vestibular input.

Our Price:: $275.00
Gonge Build N' Balance Intermediate Set G-2238 is the next step up in difficulty for balance and coordination Gonge Build N' Balance Intermediate Set

Increasing difficulty over the Build N' Balance Set

Our Price:: $429.99
Sale Price: $399.00
Savings: $30.99

Balance is essential for everyday activities such as walking, sitting and preventing falls. No kid is born with an inherent sense of balance and coordination. Everyday activities at home, on the playground or out on a walk help to improve balance and teach coordination over time. For kids who have trouble balancing, additional vestibular stimulation with swings or games is a great way to boost these skills.
Our selection of indoor and outdoor balance toys for balance and coordination range from fun games to therapy tools. No matter where you use them, they're designed to be fun and engaging for kids of all ages. Lay out colorful River Stones in the grass and play a game of The Floor is Lava or use a balancing board for sitting, spinning or standing. There are an endless variety of fun balance games for kids to play, growing their imagination in the process!
Our sensory balance toys are designed to suit a wide variety of skill and age levels while promoting and strengthening their balancing skills. Shop kids' balance exercise equipment today!
Our goal at Got-SpecialKids is to offer the best tools, toys, games and other products for special needs parents and educators. If you're not sure what item will best suit your child, contact us.