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Indoor Swings for Autism & Other Sensory Disorders

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Climbing Rope Ladder Climbing Rope Ladder

Rope ladder provides endless fun!

Our Price:: $22.99
Sale Price: $15.99
Savings: $7.00
Go! HangOut Hanger! Go! HangOut Hanger!

No ladder needed!

Our Price:: $19.49
Rainbow IRI Hammock Chair Rainbow IRI Hammock Chair

This colorful children’s hammock chair offers kids a quiet retreat to play and dream.

Our Price:: $52.89
Lycra Cocoon Swing Lycra Cocoon Swing

Our Pod Swing is a wonderful sensory retreat for younger children.

Our Price:: $75.99
La Siesta Colombian Hammock Chair La Siesta Colombian Hammock Chair

A sensory swing that maximizes comfort in a minimum amount of space!

Our Price:: $89.99
Tube Swing for sensory therapy adds a nice change and variety to any clinic or sensory gym. Tube Swing & Harness Kit

Tire Swing - kids will enjoy the indoor fun and easy to hang from any eye bolt.

Our Price:: $109.99
La Siesta Lounger Hammock Chair La Siesta Lounger Hammock Chair

Large enough that you not only sit comfortably, you can also lie down!

Our Price:: $128.99
Jumbo Hammock Swing Jumbo Hammock Swing

Plenty of room for any size!

Our Price:: $129.95
Homestand Birch Glider Homestand Birch Glider

The Glider is a fun and stimulating swing, great for improving balance.

Starting at: $143.99
Cuddle Swing Cuddle Swing - Child & Adult

Increase calming and organizing input.

Starting At: $174.49
Soft Taco Swing Soft Taco Swing

Uses the individual's own weight for calming with whole-body pressure.

Starting At: $174.95
Single Cushioned Hammock Swing Chair Single Cushioned Hammock Swing Chair

Ready to hang.

Our Price:: $189.95
Sensory Snuggle Swing Sensory Snuggle Swing

Relaxing, fun and therapeutic!

Our Price:: $194.99
Plywood Platform Swing - Junior and Adult Plywood Platform Swing - Junior and Adult

This economical platform swing is carpeted and made from strong baltic birch plywood. Can hold up to 3 people!

Starting At: $209.99
straddle, sit or swing, this swing will be your child's favorite for calming sensory input. Air-Lite Jr. Bolster Swing

Help soothe, strengthen and stimulate!

Our Price:: $214.95
Budget Platform Swing Advantage Line - Budget Platform Swing

Suspended therapy equipment for any environment.

Our Price:: $238.00
Advantage Line Moon Swing Advantage Line Moon Swing

The Moon Swing is a great tool for addressing bilateral coordination, balance, strength and vestibular input.

Our Price:: $249.99
Hanging Egg Chair with Stand Hanging Egg Chair with Stand

The colorful hanging sensory loveseat!

Our Price:: $255.00
Hanging Pumpkin Chair with Stand Hanging Pumpkin Chair with Stand

The colorful hanging sensory loveseat!

Our Price:: $325.00
Flying Colors Swing Seat with Pommel Flying Colors Swing Seat with Pommel

Our Flying Colors swing is the perfect vehicle for calming vestibular input!

Starting At: $329.00
Advantage Line 2-in-1 Bolster & Trapeze Swing Advantage Line 2-in-1 Bolster & Trapeze Swing

An adapted Pony Bolster & Trapeze Swing all-in-one!

Our Price:: $414.95
Acrobat Swing Acrobat Swing

Kids, teens and adults love this cozy and versatile swing!

Our Price:: $494.89
Padded Glider Bolster Swing Padded Glider Bolster Swing

Our Glider Bolster helps with sensory integration and develops the vestibular system.

Starting at: $569.00

Got-SpecialKids knows the importance of indoor swings, both for special needs children and adults. Our selection will allow you to create a sensory environment that's suited to the individual needs of your child, teen or special needs adult.

Most of us don't think about the way our brains process information on a daily basis. But if you care for someone with a sensory integration disorder like those on the Autism spectrum, the challenges he or she faces when confronted with sensory information are regularly apparent. Sensory integration disorders can result in over-sensitivities to outside stimuli such as sound or touch, difficulty engaging in play and conversation, and uncoordinated behavior due to vestibular deficiencies.

When special needs children, teens or adults have the opportunity to swing, we give them a chance to achieve a variety of goals, from balance to relaxation.

We offer a variety of indoor special needs swings to meet those goals. For those who crave deep pressure sensory input such as firm holding or squeezing, we recommend a snug swing or sensory wrap. We also carry a variety of other soothing swings for disabled adults and children, including hammock swings, tire swings and more.

For kids or adults who experience vestibular dysfunction, swinging can restore equilibrium and teach motion tolerance by moving fluid in the inner ear. Our selection of occupational therapy swings can be used at home or during therapy for this purpose.