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Sensory Swing Set Hardwares

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Got-Special KIDS|Safety Snap Hanging Clip Safety Snap Hanging Clip

Safety Snap Hanging Accessory

Our Price:: $13.95
Got Special KIDS|Go! HangOut Hanger! Go! HangOut Hanger!

No ladder needed!

Our Price:: $19.49
Got Special KIDS|Seguro Fixing Kit LA Siesta Seguro Fixing Kit

Fixing set for mounting hammock chairs to concrete ceilings, beams or tree limbs.

Our Price:: $21.50
Got Special Kids|Safety Rotational Swivel for Swing Safety Rotational Swivel for Swings

Safety for your swing.

Our Price:: $51.79
Got Special KIDS|Safety Rotational Device with Safety Snap Safety Rotational Device with Safety Snap

A safety rotational device is one of the single most important pieces of hardware when it comes to suspended equipment. Our safety rotational device comes complete with a safety snap.

Our Price:: $82.99
Got Special KIDS|Height Adjuster with Safety Snap Height Adjuster with Safety Snap

Perfect for suspending therapy equipment and swings from your home or clinic ceiling!

Starting at: $145.00
Got Special KIDS|Beam Installation Kit for Indoor Swings Beam Installation Kit for Indoor Swings

2" x 6" Beam Installation Kit

Our Price:: $195.90
Got Special KIDS|Swing Height & Suspension Adjustment Kit Swing Height & Suspension Adjustment Kit

Safely hang your swing equipment.

Our Price:: $252.00
Got Special KIDS|The BAR The BAR

Turn any space into a swinging area with The BAR!

Our Price:: $356.00

Airwalker Cocoon Swing

Our Price:: $455.00

Swinging is an integral part of any childhood, and in our case, adulthood too. Swinging offers soothing comfort and fun play, and for those with sensory processing disorders or other special needs, it provides a variety of additional useful and therapeutic results. We know that when you create a sensory environment in your home or office, you want equipment that's suited to both your needs as well as the needs of your special needs child, teen or adult. That's why we offer a variety of ways to mount your swings, including stands and ceiling hardware.

In this section, you'll find the necessary hardware for hanging a swing from the ceiling. Our selection of therapy swing ceiling mounts features rotational swivels as well as ceiling beam swing suspension kits for beams, joists, wood trusses and drop ceilings. Additionally, we offer heavy-duty therapy swing hardware, which includes safety snaps, height adjustments, storage systems, rope kits and more.

If you don't see what you're searching for or you're not sure which products you need, please contact us.