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Got Special Kids| Unicorn Bubble Pop Sensory Fidget Unicorn Bubble Pop Sensory Fidget

Unicorn Sensory Fidget!

Our Price: $2.99
Sale Price: $1.75
Savings: $1.24

Sticky, squishy textured and filled with beads, these dinosaur balls make perfect stress-relieving or fidget toys for everyone. These 3.5-inch balls come in an assortment of two different colors to choose from or collect both. Each piece is individually wrapped in a poly bag and 12 pieces come in a display box making it easy to add to any store counter-top.

Ages 8+

Our Price: $2.00
Got Special Kids| Candy Dimple Keychain Fidget Candy Dimple Keychain Fidget

Candy Dimple Keychain Fidget!

Our Price: $2.99
Sale Price: $2.00
Savings: $0.99
Got Special KIDS|Fun & Yellow Bendy Man Fidget Toy To Help With Focus Bendy Man Fidget

He's bendable, poseable, and bright!

Our Price: $3.00
Got-SpecialKIDS|Happy Face Light Up Ball Light Up Happy Ball

These small hand sized, vinyl balls have a smiley face and light up when they are bounced. Great sensory, stress-relieving fidget ball. Light up that smile!

Our Price: $3.00
3" Galaxy Fidget Spinner 3" Galaxy Fidget Spinner

The 3" fidget that everyone fell in love with is back. Now in an out-of-this-world galaxy pattern. How about giving the galaxy a spin! Spin the fidget and watch it go around and around, to help relieve stress and anxiety. Great fidget for focus!


Our Price: $3.00
Got Special KIDS|Loopeez & Loopeez Jr. are Sized for easy gripping and fine motor practice. The fidget toy that stimulates, and reduces stress Loopeez

The fidget toy that stimulates, and reduces stress!

Starting at: $5.00
Sale Price: $3.50
Savings: $1.50
Soft Squishy Peanut Soft Squishy Peanut

6" Squish Peanuts. Soft squishy peanut. Very soft foam material. Easy to squeeze but slow to rise. Collect all 3.

Warning: ** Warning Choking and Suffocation. Not recommended for infants or toddlers**

Available in Pink, Yellow and Blue.

Our Price: $3.80
Got Special KIDS|Tactile Atom Ball Tactile Atom Ball

A quiet, squeezable, addictive fidget

Starting at: $4.00
Got Special KIDS|Animal Critter Puff Animal Critter Puff

Cute animal critter puffs to help with stress and concentration

Starting at: $4.00
Got Special Kids | Magic Balls 1001 Funny Faces Magic Balls 1001 Funny Faces

Develop creativity, imagination, and improve dexterity while squeezing a fun little head!

Our Price: $4.25
Playvisions - Mini Slide Show Playvisions - Mini Slide Show

Mini Projector with 3 discs for a total of 24 images to view. Use without disc as a great little flash light. Batteries Included. Available in Galactic Slide Show or Sealife Slide Show.

Our Price: $4.50
Got Special KIDS|Colorful Caterpiller Colorful Caterpillar

Cute colorful caterpillers to help with stress and concentration

Starting at: $4.50
Got-Special KIDS|YoBaby Pop Fidget YoBaby Pop Fidget

Pop Toy

Our Price: $4.99
Got Special KIDS| Ultra Safe Safety Scissors - Effective Cutting w/ Safety Shield Ultra Safe Scissors - Red

Ultra Safe Scissor with Protective Shield

Our Price: $5.00
Got Special Kids | Happy Face Gel Stress Ball Happy Face Gel Stress Ball

Don't worry! Squeeze Happy! Brighten anyone's day with Happy Face.

Our Price: $5.00
Got Special KIDS| Don't Stress Meowt Kitties  Chubby Kitties Don't Stress Meow Chubby Kitties

Cute squishy kitties to help with stress and concentration

Our Price: $5.00
Got Special Kids| Jacob's Ladder Jacob's Ladder

Timeless optical illusion to enchant and confound children and adults alike!

Our Price: $5.00
Toysmith - Mood Mudd Toysmith - Mood Mudd

Stretchy String Moody Fun! Wash hands before and after use. Colors will blend. Water-soluble. Put the mudd in the fridge, before use to get the best color reaction, to your hands heat.
  • 3.75 Ounces Per Container
  • Changes color with the heat from your hand just like mood rings!
  • Do Not Ingest.
  • Recommended for ages 4 and up

Our Price: $5.75
Toysmith - Butter Dough Toysmith - Butter Dough

Butter Dough Changes Color By Touch!
Love to craft? Sculpt and leave out to air dry. Reusable with 1TBSP of water in container with Butter Dough, let sit for approx.1 hour, too reuse again. Show your creativity, again and again.

  • Wash Hands before and after use.
  • Water soluble.
  • Do Not Ingest.
  • Not for Kids under 3.

Our Price: $5.75
Got Special KIDS|Very Stretchy Mice and Cheese.   Stretchy Mice and Cheese is a fun focus aid and a quiet fidget that doesn't disturb others. Stretchy Mice and Cheese

You're sure to squeak with delight!

Our Price: $6.00
Got Special KIDS|Kwik Stix Kwik Stix Tempera Paint

Paint sticks that dry in 90 seconds.

Starting at: $6.00
Mondo Neon Inside-Out Ball Mondo Neon Inside-Out Ball

Small stress ball. Soft.

Our Price: $6.00
Got Special KIDS|Original Toy Company Mini Super Hero Fidget Mini Super Hero Fidget

A ready-to-go fidget that keeps young hands busy!

Our Price: $6.50
Got Special KIDS|Mini Squee-Z-Bubs Bubbles Mini Squee-Z-Bubs Bubbles

Cute little bubble critters!

Our Price: $6.50
Got-SpecialKIDS|Sproing Ball Toysmith - Sproing Ball

See how high you can make it bounce. The Sproing Ball is wrapped in gears to keep you working, to bounce higher each time. Colorful interlocking 3" gears. Fun Play!
Ages 3+

Our Price: $6.50
Klikbot Heroes and Villains KlikBot Heroes and Villains

KlikBot Heroes and Villains

Our Price: $6.50
Got Special KIDS|Chewy Tubes Super Chew Chewy Tubes Super Chew

An innovative oral-motor device designed to provide a resilient, non-food, chewable surface .

Our Price: $6.69
Got Special KIDS|Sensory Noodles - Set of 5 Stretchy String Fidgets Monkey Noodles - Set of 5 Stretchy String Fidgets

Stretch, pull, twirl, wrap and squeeze them!

Our Price: $10.00
Sale Price: $6.75
Savings: $3.25
Got Special KIDS| Duncan Color Shift Puzzle Ball has 12 holes with only 11 filled with a colored ball. Color Shift Puzzle Ball

Puzzle & fidget all in one!

Our Price: $6.75

At six years old, many children are gearing up for their first year of school. No matter which developmental milestones your child has already met, now is as important a time as ever to encourage them to play, learn and explore. Our selection of toys for six, seven and eight year-olds is well-suited for boys as well as girls. Choose a subcategory to find games, skill-building activities, gift bags, stocking stuffers and more.

Every child should have the chance to meet his or her potential. Set them up for success with rewarding age-appropriate games that focus on concepts of time, imaginative play, feelings, as well as fine and gross motor skills. Give them the tools to help them stay calm and focus with fidget spinners, chew necklaces or textured stress balls. From birthday gifts for your special school-aged guy or girl to everyday necessities for your child's car activity bag, we carry it all.