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Vibrating Toys for Special Needs & Sensory Integration

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Good Vibes Waterproof Massager Good Vibes Scalp Massager

Give yourself a relaxing, tingling scalp or body massage!

Our Price:: $9.99
Senseez Handheld Vibrating Massager Senseez Soothables - Handheld Vibe Massagers

On The Go Portable Vibrations!

Our Price:: $11.49
Senseez Handheld Sensory Hot/Cold Pack Senseez Soothables - Handheld Sensory Hot/Cold Pack

Hot & Cold Therapy On The Go!

Our Price:: $11.49
Senseez Replacement Vibes Senseez Replacement Vibes

Senseez replacement parts

Our Price:: $15.00
Senseez Multi-Speed & Rechargeable Vibe Senseez Multi-Speed & Rechargeable Vibe

Senseez Rechargeable Vibe!

Our Price:: $20.00
Senseez Vibrating Pillows Help children stay seated and focused. These fun and fanciful pillows emit gentle vibrations when squeezed or sat on, soothing little sensory seekers. They are lightweight and portable so kids can take anywhere! Senseez Vibrating Pillows

Senseez eases the senses!Colorful, lightweight, fun-shaped vibrating cushions!

Our Price:: $23.78
Senseez Vibrating Pillows - Touchables are fun-shaped portable vibrating cushions offer a gentle sensation when they are squeezed or sat on, relaxing, calming and soothing the body. Senseez eases the senses! Senseez Vibrating Pillows - Touchables

Irresistible to touch, these colorful pillows have gentle vibration to comfort and calm.

Our Price:: $23.78
Senseez Trendable Hooded Sensory Vibrating Pillow for Teens & Adults Senseez Trendable - Hooded - Teen Styles

Help teens and adults self-regulate with sensory vibration.

Our Price:: $27.00
Senseez Trendable Flannel Sensory Vibrating Pillow for Teens & Adults Senseez Trendable - Flannel - Teen Styles

Comfy Flannel Shirt Vibrating Pillow

Our Price:: $27.00
Senseez Trendable Sweater Sensory Vibrating Pillow for Teens & Adults Senseez Trendable - Sweater - Teen Styles

Soothing and warm vibrating sweater pillow.

Our Price:: $27.00
Vibrating Snake Vibrating Snake

Your special child will love it!

Our Price:: $29.88
Puppy Foot Massager Puppy Foot Massager

Slide your feet into this cuddling massager!

Our Price:: $29.98
Senseez Trendable - Adaptables Senseez Trendable - Adaptables

Help teens and adults self-regulate with sensory vibration.

Our Price:: $31.00
Vibe Critters massagers give deep, even sensation that provide sensory input and oral motor stimulation. Its smooth, gentle vibration helps normalize sensitivities and and "wake up" the mouth at mealtimes Vibe Critters Massagers - Bat & Fish

These fun and friendly characters help develop sensory perception around the face, jaw and lips!

Our Price:: $38.29
Z-Grabber-ARK Therapeutic Z-Grabber

Get the best of both worlds with ARK's Z-Grabber - an innovative oral motor tool that combines the benefits of both the Z-Vibe and the Grabber.

Our Price:: $38.95

Our vibrating kids' toys are designed to provide calming, soothing and satisfying sensory vibrations for special kids of all ages. Because they are so easy to use, our products are ideal for use at home or as part of a therapy program. Shop our selection of vibrating sensory toys for babies, toddlers, children or adults, and discover everything from simple hand-held massagers and teethers to intricate vibro-acoustic chairs, mats and stereos.

Our products offer a variety of benefits for the user. A vibrating children's toy like a teether or pillow helps to relax and satisfy sensory input, while chairs and stereos that combine vibration with sound for dynamic auditory-sensory stimulation help to relieve tension, pain, stress and anxiety.

Whether you're purchasing vibrating toys for a child with autism or simply as a soothing accessory for yourself or someone in your family, we're here to help. If you have questions about our products, contact us today.