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Thumballs for Social Learning - 4-Inch Therapy, Learn & Play Game
Got Special Kids|4-Inch Therapy, Learn & Play Thumb Ball Game

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Get the conversation started! Everyone enjoys playing catch and everyone can play with a ball. Game play is simple! Throw it, roll it, pass it or catch it. Look under your thumb. React to the word, phrase, or graphic found there. Each panel has a different word, graphic, or photo, and each ball has 32 panels. Many themes to choose from:

Virtues & Values- Assists in developing interpersonal skills and discussing personal characteristics that lead to reflection and self-awareness.

People, Places and Things - Answer the Who, What and Where questions help students learn nouns while expanding expressive language, and, questions let adults think beyond the obvious answers to develop creative thinking.

Parts of a Story - Parts of a Story provides a question prompt and a sentence starter to reinforce the elements of a plot, setting, character and more.

Emotions - Playful approach to expressing feelings. Covered with 32 emotion words and character expressions to stimulate discussion of feelings and social experiences and self awareness. Develop use of facial expressions, understand body language and encourage thoughtful choice making when responding to events.

Who are You -Improve social conversation, active listening, and turn-taking to enhance friendship-making and inter-personal communication skills. 32 prompts about likes, dislikes, and life experiences allow players to get to know each other with fun and ease. A special favorite for kids of all ages to interact, build friendships and reinforce positive social skills. Great at school, home, camps, youth & religious organizations, universities and every type of workplace.