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Tornado Tube Tornado Tube

A unique device for demonstrating tornadoes in your classroom! Simply screw device on plastic soda bottle two-thirds full of water, attach empty plastic soda bottle to other end and swirl upper bottle briefly. Bottles not included.
  • Sold as an Each
  • Simple, fun way to demonstrate twisting tornadoes to your child
  • Easily attaches to a standard soda bottle for hours of fun
  • Great for science projects and at home experiments
  • Children of all ages will be entertained by creating their own tornado
**** Assorted Colors****

Our Price:: $3.75
Got Special KIDS| Instant Stress Ball Aqua Squisheez - Instant Stress Ball

Stressed out? Just add water! Place this 2.5 inch hollow ball in water and in 10 minutes you will have a 4 inch ball that is soft and squishy and will melt all of your worries away! Instant stress reliever. Fun for all ages.

Our Price:: $4.99
Sale Price: $4.00
Savings: $0.99
Playvisions - Mini Slide Show Playvisions - Mini Slide Show

Mini Projector with 3 discs for a total of 24 images to view. Use without disc as a great little flash light. Batteries Included. Available in Galactic Slide Show or Sealife Slide Show.

Our Price:: $5.00
Got Special KIDS|Carson Dellosa What Happened? Learning Cards Carson Dellosa What Happened? Learning Cards

Help young learners improve listening, conversation and social skills!

Our Price:: $5.99
Primary Shapes Template Set Primary Shapes Template Set

Relational shapes help students make mental connections as they compare shapes.

  • Provides relational examples in varying sizes and orientations -- trace around the entire template for the largest version!
  • Lets students easily view their tracing lines after repositioning the transparent template.
  • Supports NCTM Early Learning Standards for geometry and shape relations.
  • Includes 5 durable labeled templates: circle, triangle, rectangle, square and hexagon.
  • Rectangle measures 7.5''L x 4.5''H
  • Grades PreK+

Our Price:: $8.00
Briarpatch - The world of Eric Carle - Alphabet Go Fish Briarpatch - The world of Eric Carle - Alphabet Go Fish

Go fish! This card game is great for teaching early learners concepts, decision making, and problem solving.Great Family Fun. Teach little ones fair play, while having fun with family.

Our Price:: $9.75
Learning Resources Place Value Disk - 280 Pieces Learning Resources Place Value Disk - 280 Pieces

Use these bright, engaging foam counters to help build place value skills. Children can learn counting, grouping, addition, subtraction and more in a hands-on, visual way. Disks are printed with place values from ones to millions. Perfect for classrooms that teach Singapore Math or Eureka Math. Disks measure 1' in diameter.

Educational Benefits

  • Learning Style:Visual, Tactile
  • Skill Development: Place value, Counting, Comparison, Renaming, Addition, Subtraction
  • 280 Disks, 40 of each value from ones to millions
• Disks measure 1' in diameter

• Age 4+
• Grade PreK+

Our Price:: $10.50
ThinkFun Last Letter Card Game ThinkFun Last Letter Card Game

The Classic Last Letter Card Game with a Creative Twist!!
Each player gets five cards featuring intricate, one-of-a-kind scenes. Race to come up with and blurt out a word from one of the picture cards in your hand. Think fast and remember that your word must begin with the last letter of the word previously called. Get rid of your cards first to win!

Ages 9 to Adult

Our Price:: $11.75
Eeboo - I Never Forget A Face. Memory Matching Game Eeboo - I Never Forget A Face. Memory Matching Game

Matching Game

Our Price:: $19.50
Sale Price: $12.25
Savings: $7.25
Beaker Creatures Skull Mountain Volcano - Learning Resources Beaker Creatures Skull Mountain Volcano - Learning Resources

  • EXPERIMENT with 5 fizzing, foaming science experiments you can perform again and again!

Our Price:: $19.99
Sale Price: $13.25
Savings: $6.74
Learning Resources - Mathlink Cubes Learning Resources - Mathlink Cubes

High-quality plastic cubes measure 3/4 ' each and come in 10 bright colors. These stackable cubes are easy for little hands to connect and twist apart. Great for counting to 100 by ones and tens, grouping, and one-to-one correspondence. MathLink Cubes feature geometric shape cutouts.

Cubes link together on all sides of each cube with geometric shape cutouts for more complex patterning activities.

Educational Benefits

  • Learning Styles: Visual, Tactile
  • Skill Development: Math skills (one-to-one correspondence, counting to 100, skip counting, Comparison, Making 10, Nonstandardized measurements, Grouping, Addition, Subtraction, Graphing), Color identification, Shape identification, Patterning, Matching, Fine motor skills, Eye-hand coordination, Motor planning,

  • activity guide
**Age: 5+
**Grades: K+

Our Price:: $13.75
Jumbo Dice Jumbo Dice

Popular double dice! Now available in a larger size that's perfect for smaller hands!

  • Reinforces number concepts, counting, operations and probability.
  • Generates engagement with these unique high-interest manipulatives.
  • Features colorful exterior cubes in red, yellow, green, light blue, orange and light purple.
  • Exterior cubes measure 1.25' square.
  • Grades PreK+
  • Our Price:: $14.00
    Shape Sorter Shape Sorter

    Shape Sorter

    Our Price:: $14.99
    Fat Brain Trestle Tracks Builder Sets Fat Brain Trestle Tracks Builder Sets

    Trestle Tracks is a unique collection of marble and track. Each set is made up of hollow stacking cubes and a variety of flat tracks. The paths cut out of each track widen almost imperceptibly from one end to the other, creating an invisible slope that propels the marbles forward. Sold as a Starter Set - 43 pieces or The Builder - 73 pieces. Can also be collected and combined, for the ultimate building experience.

    • Builder Set - 1 catcher, 1 topper, 55 risers, 5 stanless steel marbles, 10 unique tracks, base grid.
    • Start Set - includes - 1 catcher, 1 topper, 30 risers, 5 stainless steel marbles, 6 unique track.
    • Encourages spatial reasoning, creativity, engineering skills, and problem solving.
    • Builder Set features a base grid for added stability.
    • Follow guided builds or invent your own structures.

    • AGES 8+ ** NOTE: small parts present choking hazard.

    Our Price:: $17.95
    Geologic Puzzle Geologic Puzzle

    World-Changing Logic Puzzle
    Create your own world with GeoLogic! Players begin with a 30-sided planet Core and 14 different biome Tiles. Each of the 60 Challenge Cards shows a different starting position for some of the biome Tiles, and players must figure out how to position the remaining Tiles in order to complete the planet’s surface. Explore all 60 world-building challenges, or get creative and design your own planets with GeoLogic!

    Our Price:: $18.49
    Sensory Balls - 6 Pack Case Sensory Balls - 6 Pack Case

    Soft and textured massage balls. Perfect for tactile development and sensory integration. 6 balls per set.

    Our Price:: $18.75
    Learning Resouces - Fraction Tower Fraction Cubes Learning Resouces - Fraction Tower Fraction Cubes

    Colorful, durable, interlocking Fraction Tower(R) Cubes are perfect for exploring and comparing fractions! Children learn by building simple, graphic mathematical models that clearly demonstrate fraction relationships.

    Set of 51 fraction cubes can be used alone or with Deluxe Fraction Tower(R) Activity Set **

    CHOKING HAZARD** Not recommended for babies or toddlers.

    Our Price:: $19.25
    Peltor - Over The Head Earmuff X1A Peltor - Over The Head Earmuff X1A

    The X-Series earmuffs are 3M’s latest advancement in hearing conservation. New technologies in comfort, design and protection all come together in this groundbreaking earmuff line. The X1A is a lightweight, low-profile earmuff designed for protection against low-level industrial noise and other loud sounds. It features an electrically insulated wire headband, often referred to as “dielectric”

    • The wire headband offers consistent pressure over prolonged wearing periods
    • - Earcup pivot points tilt for optimum comfort and efficiency
    • - Replaceable ear cushions and foam liners (hygiene kit HYX1)
    • - Noise Reduction Rating (NRR)b 22 dB. CSA Class A

    Our Price:: $19.49
    Edushape - Counting Pull A Pup Edushape - Counting Pull A Pup

    Counting Puppy. Pull Along

    Our Price:: $20.99
    Fat Brain Toys Dizzy Bees Fat Brain Toys Dizzy Bees

    The three bees connect magnetically to stack atop the reversible honeycomb base. Spin them, wobble them, and then pull them apart to explore each one.
    The textured silicone wings fascinate the fingers while bright colors and big friendly eyes send the imagination soaring.

  • Set of magnetic bees to stack, spin, and explore
  • Encourages fine motor skills, sensory learning, tactile discovery, imaginative play
  • Stack the bees atop the honeycomb base
  • Wings and faces made of soft 100% food-grade silicone
  • Bodies made of sturdy ABS plastic
  • Includes 3 bees, honeycomb base
  • Bees each measure 4 x 1.75 x 2.25 inches
  • BPA-Free - Fully safety tested
  • High-quality materials and construction - Lasting durability
  • Our Price:: $21.75
    Learning Resources Giant Magnetic Number Bonds Learning Resources Giant Magnetic Number Bonds

    Giant Magnetic Number

    Our Price:: $23.99
    Learning Resources - Magnetic U.S. Map Puzzle Learning Resources - Magnetic U.S. Map Puzzle

    This fun, interactive puzzle map will help little learners learn geography-state names, landmarks, plants, animals and more! Each of the 44 pieces matches an outline to help children put the correct piece in the correct spot. Great for working on fine motor skills. Measures 19'L x 13'H when complete.

    Educational Benefits

    • Learning Style:Visual, Tactile
    • Skill Development: Geography, Critical thinking, Spatial relationships, Fine motor skills
    • 44 magnetic pieces, paper map outline
    ** Measures 19'L x 13'H when complete

    ** Age 4+

    ** Grade PreK+

    Our Price:: $24.50
    Double - Sided Tabletop Pocket Chart Double - Sided Tabletop Pocket Chart

    No stand required! Double-sided, easel-style chart supports itself.

  • Allows you to create convenient centers focusing on any skill: sort, classify, graph, build equations or sentences, and more

  • Features 5 display pockets on each side for cards, available separately

  • Provides built-in storage with large pocket for cards or manipulatives

  • Folds flat when not in use

  • Includes sturdy handles for carrying

  • Chart with Activity Guide measures 12.25''L x 16''H when folded

  • Folds out into a triangle shape that is 12.25''W x 14.75''H
  • **Cards Sold separately**
  • Our Price:: $25.00
    Miniland Multi-Ethnic Newborn Baby Dolls Miniland Multi-Ethnic Newborn Baby Dolls

    Let your little ones play the role of caretaker with these cute, anatomically correct newborn baby dolls! Ethnicities: Asian, African American and Caucasian. Feature detailed facial features. Each soft, flexible vinyl doll is lightly vanilla-scented and can be washed and bathed! Each doll comes with underpants. Dolls stand 15 H inches. Ages 10 months and up.

    · Role play with dolls helps children develop nurturing skills, role play interactions, and imagination

    · Soft, durable, vinyl dolls are anatomically correct. Realistic eyes, and facial features.

    · Each doll is safe with water play, washable, and comes with light vanilla scent for an instantly soothing feel

    · Inclusive baby dolls help encourage mindfulness of gender and multi-ethnic diversity for all kids.

    Our Price:: $25.50
    Playlearn Mini Artificial Aquarium. Playlearn Mini Artificial Aquarium.

    Mini Aquarium

    Our Price:: $26.00
    Learning Resources - MathLink Cubes Big Builders Learning Resources - MathLink Cubes Big Builders

    Bring your imagination to life, cube by colorful cube! Little builders boost their imaginative and engineering skills with MathLink Cubes Big Builders, a STEM-inspired building set powered our bestselling MathLink Cubes! This deluxe building set comes with 200 cubes cast in 10 bright colors from red and blue to black, white, and brown. Following along with the included activity guide, kids can tackle more than a dozen building challenges - build your own puppy pal, create a vroom-ready motorcycle, or transform cubes into a whooshing rocketship - or make their own creations! While they build, kids will also master early critical thinking and design concepts, as well as strengthen their fine motor skills. Each sturdy cube measures 3/4"L x 3/4"H, and can be snapped together or apart over and over again. Cubes work with all MathLink Cubes products, and add extra power to math lessons and building projects.

    Our Price:: $27.00
    Edushape - Feelings Friend Edushape - Feelings Friend

    Cuddly Pal. Feelings

    Our Price:: $28.99
    Dive Into Shapes "Sea and Build Geometry Set Dive Into Shapes "Sea and Build Geometry Set

    Geometry Shapes

    Our Price:: $29.99