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Bouncy Band for MS & HS Chairs
Got Special KIDS|Bouncy Band for MS & HS Chairs

Starts at: $17.00

Product Code: 6076

Bouncy Bands for Middle and High School Chairs are designed specifically for chairs that are 17-24" wide. The band is thicker for this style chair to provide for a better sensation and the ends have a round loop for easier installation. Loops are molded on both ends of the Bouncy Band. They install to the chair in seconds! Chairs can be lifted, moved and stacked, while the support pipes and bands stay secured. Active students are more productive and spend more time on task when they can move. Students with short legs enjoy being able to rest their feet on the Bouncy Band instead of having them dangle all day. In addition, students who feel anxious when working enjoy being able to stretch their legs to release their anxiety while they work.
Many adults with Restless Leg Syndrome, Deep Vein Thrombosis and diabetes rave about how the Bouncy Bands help them increase their blood circulation and even burn calories during they day while they work.

Bouncy Band