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CanDo Peanut Inflatable Sensory Saddle Rolls
Got Special KIDS|CanDo Inflatable Sensory Saddle Rolls

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Sensory Saddle Options:


Sensory Saddle has a "nubby" surface that adds pleasurable tactile input to ball therapy. Sensory Saddle offers a more stable base for balance and strengthening or it can be used vigorously to challenge postural reflexes and work the abdominal muscles.

A perfect tool in therapy and for active seating, this ball offers greater stability by limiting movement to forward and backward. The unique peanut shape allows a therapist and the individual to share a ball, until one has the confidence to work alone. Its shape also allows a therapist to work on activities that otherwise may be somewhat risky on a traditional therapy ball. The "saddle-like" seat provides stability, comfort and confidence so clients of every age and nearly every diagnosis may participate in ball therapy. It is lightweight, durable (supports to 400 pounds) and constructed of PVC-free strong material.

Colors/ Size - Diameter x Length:
  • Yellow (40 cm x 80 cm; 16" x 31")
  • Orange (50 cm x 95 cm; 20" x 37")
  • Green (60 cm x 110 cm; 24" x 43")