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Educational Elementary Language Bundle
Got-Special KIDS|Educational Elementary Language Bundle

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Elementary School Language Learning Games

Early exposure to words, both written and heard, is an important part of your child's development. Learning new words enhances verbal and reading comprehension and helps kids to perform better later on in school. Language is a critical component for many skills, both academic and life-centered. An exposure to words and a basic grasp of written and spoken language lays the foundations for thinking both creatively and being able to use one's imagination. Communicating through pretend play is a major mile stone for young children, because it helps them to socialize, practice sympathy, form friendships and rationalize the scenarios that play out.
We offer a wide range of early childhood learning games that are designed to lay the building blocks for school and everyday life. These games help your child develop a more advanced vocabulary and in turn better understand others while being able to express their own ideas. Giving your child the tools to communicate better is key to helping them grow up to reach their full potential. Having access to words they can understand and use will help them to feel more independent and allow them to better understand the world around them. This language-focused product assortment features games and tools to help your child have fun and succeed.

Neon Crossover Grip (3)

The Crossover Grip uses a revolutionary applied technology that works with the body's natural physiology to gently place fingers in the proper position for gripping. It uses the same great design as The Pencil Grip but has added wings to prevent fingers from crossing over each other. Each set contains 3 grips of assorted neon colors.

Learning Resources Pop for Sight Words Game 1 & 2

Pop for Sight Words is a fun and entertaining way to introduce your child to basic words they'll be able to recognize by sight and use as a major stepping stone for reading. The popcorn-themed game can be played in a variety of ways. A common way of playing Pop for Sight words is to draw a card from the bucket and sound out the word. The player then keeps the card of the word they've sounded out. However, if you draw a POP card, all the cards go back in the box.
For younger players who find losing their words an aggravating experience, you can make up a variety of alternate rules when a POP card is drawn. For example, a POP card might signify that all the players make popping sounds with their mouths, eat a piece of popcorn or jump around like popping kernels. Only your imagination will limit you in the endless possibilities for making this game an entertainment staple in your home.

School-Rite Handwriting Template - Manuscript - Upper Case

Learning to write words usually doesn't come easy. For children who need extra help with dexterity (or those who simply enjoy writing templates to trace), the School-Rite handwriting guide provides assistance in developing proper hand stroke patterns and building find motor skills. By using a writing template, your child will gain the confidence and skill they need to practice printing on paper. Coordinating hand and eye movement to improve your child's proficiency in dexterity is an important life skill that will help them to be more independent and successful later in life. From getting dressed and eating to using a keyboard, building fine motor skills used in writing is a huge stepping stone to help your child reach their full potential.

This learning bundle also includes a three-pack of pencil Groovy Grips, a comfortable hand positioning tool designed to promote a more controlled writing pattern.