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Educational- Elementary Math Bundle
Got-Special KIDS|Educational- Elementary Math Bundle

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Elementary School Math Learning Games

This all-in-one math bag is a great starter kit for teaching your elementary school student math basics and keeping them interested in math concepts by learning through fun. Our early education math games bag includes three exciting math-based games as well as a set of Groovy Tips pencil grips.

Learning Resources Pop for Addition and Subtraction (3636)
Healthy child development is a process that starts as soon as your baby is born and continues throughout early childhood, elementary school and beyond. Children learn by many avenues, but one of the best ways to give your child additional advantages in life is with the help of educational toys and learning games designed to help them feel engaged and accomplished.
Math toys are a great way to help your child get ahead in school, but math-oriented play is also critical to your child's development. By being exposed to patterns, counting, shapes and basic addition and subtraction, kids also learn critical thinking and problem solving. Recognizing patterns and learning to think logically for their age helps kids create stepping stones for many other skills, including social play and literacy.
This gumball-based math game is designed for two to four players, perfect for parents to enjoy with their children. The game is simple: you spin the spinner to determine how many gumballs to take, keep the gumballs of all math questions you answered correctly. This game uses numbers between one and ten to create addition and subtraction problems such as 1+7 or 9-2. It includes 90 math cards and 10 POP cards.
This game encourages addition & subtraction, learning & discovering, and confidence

School-Rite Writing Template - Numbers (8449)
Using writing utensils is tricky business and learning to spell and write tends to be one of the biggest hurtles for some children with special needs. using a writing template to practice numbers is a great way to build those fine motor skills your child will need to write on their own. Writing correctly will give them the confidence they'll need to keep practicing, developing stroke patterns that will become more intuitive as time passes.
Learning to write is about more than putting words to paper. When we first develop these skills, we're practicing how to coordinate hand and eye movement, coordination and dexterity. These are important life skills that help children to grow up to become independent and successful. From getting dressed and eating to using a keyboard, building fine motor skills used in writing is a huge stepping stone to help your child reach their full potential.

Groovy Grips (5063)
The Groovy Grip has a sleek ergonomic design with linear raised lines for a unique tactile feel. The Groovy Grip is a terrific hand positioning tool that will result in comfortable and controlled writing. Developed by the same doctors who developed the original Pencil Grip. Set comes in assorted colors.

Learning Resources Pizza Fraction Fun (3927)

Fractions: they can be confusing, but with the right learning tools fractions are as easy as pie. In this game, your child will be introduced to fractions with the help of slices of pizza designed to identify fraction denominations. Playing games such as these will help your child become familiar with the basic concepts of fractions, a valuable stepping stone for later math classes as well as concepts requiring visualization.
This factions learning game will help your child become acquainted with fractions, learn to math fraction equivalents, as well as perform fraction addition and subtraction.